Missoula County Public Schools data communications network is a critical resource shared by all buildings and users. It provides the means to communicate both within the District and via the Internet to the rest of the world. Installation and ongoing maintenance of this system requires the cooperative efforts of all users and user groups. Addition and replacement of components, both hardware and software, must be planned and implemented with consideration of the entire system. This communication assures a coordinated means of addressing the users’ individual technology needs.

    The District recognizes three groups that must work together.

    Each school, administrative department or affiliated program must determine the educational needs of its users and develop technology implementation plans.

    Individual users must assist in network security and communicate their needs to the school, administrative department or affiliated program.

    The Information Systems Center (ISC) has the overall responsibility to maintain the computers, servers, infrastructure, and software required by the District to facilitate the educational goals of the District.


    Responsibilities of Schools, Administrative Departments and Affiliated Programs

    • Identify and prioritize educational and technology needs through a technology plan.
    • Provide time and opportunity for users to obtain training on computer equipment and software usage.
    • Coordinate with ISC on the feasibility and implementation of technology plans.
    • Provide physical space, electrical connections and furniture for classroom and office computers.
    • Provide secure physical space and electrical connections for servers and network distribution equipment.

    Responsibilities of Individual Users

    • Maintain physical security to computers in classroom or office.
    • Maintain network security, including but not limited to protecting user passwords and user ID’s.
    • Identify educational needs and communicate these needs to the school, department, or affiliated program technology committee for inclusion in overall technology planning.
    • Report technology problems for resolution by ISC to the District Helpdesk.
    Responsibilities of the Information Systems Center
    • Maintain a district-wide network infrastructure to meet the educational and technological needs of the District.
    • Coordinate with schools, administration, and affiliated programs on the feasibility and implementation of technology plans.
    • Support innovative and future expansion in technology applications for education.
    • Provide district-wide security and disaster recovery plans for maintaining critical district data and systems.
    • Provide security, backup and recovery plans for non-critical data.
    • Provide a district-wide replacement plan for computers and infrastructure components in consultation with school, administrative department or affiliated program technology committee.
    • Provide a district-wide upgrade and replacement plan for administrative software applications.
    • Provide technical assistance through the District Help Desk and onsite support.