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Sine & Cosine Wave Generation

Movement of point around unit circle generating sine & cosine wave

Mr. Grener's Schedule

  • Period 1 - Algebra Concepts & Skills

    Period 2 - Study Hall Duty (in Commons)

    Period 3 - Honors Precalculus

    Period 4 - Honors Precalculus

    Lunch - Math Club on Fridays

    Period 5 - Prep

    Period 6 - AP Statistics

    Period 7 - Honors Precalculus

    After school- Available for help Monday through Wednesday

Personal Profile

  • Mr. Grener at work

    Nick Grener

    Hellgate Room 132
    (406) 728-2400 ext. 6602
    Please come see me before school, at office hours, or after school if you have questions about anything at all.  The best way to learn mathematics is by engaging in conversations about the material with your teacher and classmates, so I provide time in class on a regular basis for students to practice collaboratively.  I believe that the most important character traits that one needs to develop to succeed in mathematics are humility (you're going to be confused frequently, so it's best to be comfortable asking for help) and perseverance (you're going to be incorrect a lot, so it's best not to give up when you hit a roadblock).  It turns out that these qualities are useful in all aspects of life, which is why I place a great emphasis on their development in my classroom. 
    This is my seventh year at Hellgate, and I previously have taught mathematics in middle schools, colleges, and a prison.  I earned my bachelor's degree in cognitive neuroscience and psychology from Washington University in St. Louis, and my master's degree in mathematics from California State University, East Bay.  In my free time, I love to go backpacking with my wife and dog.  I also enjoy growing and cooking vegetables.
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