• Camp Library... Reading fun all summer!

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 5/16/2020

    camp library

    Hey Reading Rangers!

    Earn some cool badges this summer with Camp Library!  You will find yourself reading all kinds of different things.  For each reading task, you will fill out a short form for me.

    When school begins, I will present you with a wonderful Reading Ranger sash, along with the badges you have earned. (You must earn at least 3 badges to get a sash)

    Students will need some adult guidance, especially if they are in the primary grades.

    Camp Library isn't just about books, I have included a Nature Scavenger Hunt to get you outside.  I hope it will be fun!

    You can also enter a cool book-themed photography contest, and earn an extra-special badge!

    Click the image above to get started!

    Questions?  Comments?  Please email me- I LOVE heaing from my Hawthorne families!




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  • Spring Reading challenge

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 3/28/2020

    Silverwood Logo

    Please be sure to fill out this form to report your reading.  I hope we get lots of Silverwood tickets!


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  • Book Fair Time!

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 10/25/2019

    The book fair is coming early this year... for Halloween!  Stop & shop with us on Halloween from 10:30-4:00, or the following week on Tuesday or Wednesday from 3:00-7:00.  

    OR, you can shop online on our Book Fair Page.

    Book Fair Flyer 2020

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  • Library Ninjas!

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 2/3/2017


    Conratulations to our student reading ninjas! 158 students participated in the event and a grand total of 103 read 10 hours or more to complete the full ninja challenge. 

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  • Reading Obstacle Course!

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 1/20/2017

    Kids moved their pip-cleaner avatar through our table-top library obstacle course as they read.  It was so fun, and over 100 students participated.

     Take home Materials can be found HERE

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  • Reading Makes You Brighter Results

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 3/17/2016

    Here are the results of our latest reading incentive program.  I used student initials for the sake of privacy. Each one of these readers should be commended! Good job, everyone :)  I tried to send an email confirmation to those who provided that contact information, but some of the emails were hard for me to figure out.  Forgive me if I missed yours!

    AW 1st 600
    DD 1st 365
    DS 1st 611
    JS 1st 140
    KR 1st 955
    JE 1st 245
    AC 1st 200
    PB 1st 631
    SM 1st 487
    KS 1st 613
    KB 1st 601
    KH 1st 655
    KW 1st 640
    LC 1st 800
    MB 1st 325
    MP 1st 110
    NM 1st 210
    PP 1st 805
    RM 1st 274
    SS 1st 60
    VG 1st 602
    KS 1st 670
    KC 1st 835
    LS 1st 670
    SH 1st 600
    EF 1st 660
    AHR 2nd 624
    BY 2nd 880
    BN 2nd 120
    CB 2nd 615
    EL 2nd 778
    EB 2nd 380
    KR 2nd 60
    MS 2nd 255
    MH 2nd 601
    NG 2nd 230
    TH 2nd 180
    WV 2nd 660
    AO 2nd 204
    KT 2nd 295
    LM 2nd 604
    MB 2nd 340
    CG 2nd 224
    AM 2nd 335
    AS 3rd 147
    BB 3rd 660
    BS 3rd 625
    CM 3rd 350
    DP 3rd 505
    EB 3rd 546
    GH 3rd 120
    IRG 3rd 688
    JM 3rd 795
    LS 3rd 250
    SP 3rd 1155
    TE 3rd 669
    TL 3rd 500
    OG 3rd 240
    AP 3rd 600
    AC 4th 715
    BS 4th 670
    DA 4th 465
    HA 4th 680
    JNR 4th 45
    JO 4th 611
    KW 4th 850
    KK 4th 600
    LC 4th 840
    LS 4th 2010
    MS 4th 1085
    MR 4th 630
    OS 4th 80
    RF 4th 1110
    SS 4th 785
    SG 4th 655
    SS 4th 610
    TS 4th 140
    VK 4th 645
    VJ 4th 1560
    JV 4th 1710
    OS 4th 241
    SB 4th 737
    PCG 4th 600
    GW 4th 635
    MH 5th 1920
    KM 5th 767
    AW 5th 690
    AE 5th 735
    NW 5th 1000
    EA 5th 671
    JM 5th 600
    AL 5th 775
    AB Kindergarten 270
    CE Kindergarten 428
    MF Kindergarten 33
    BC Kindergarten 570
    BA Kindergarten 320
    CT Kindergarten 742
    CS Kindergarten 530
    EC Kindergarten 600
    JC Kindergarten 10
    KE Kindergarten 415
    LM Kindergarten 612
    MH Kindergarten 180
    NG Kindergarten 200
    SP Kindergarten 720
    SZ Kindergarten 983
    VF Kindergarten 625
    WK Kindergarten 235
    SP Kindergarten 90
    HH preschool 600
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  • Annual EGGstravaganza- Coming Soon!

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 3/14/2016
    Sophia with Froggy Book
    Each year, the Hawthorne reading community welcomes springtime with an EGGstravaganza!

    It's fun! Decorate an egg to go with a favorite book.  The egg can easily turn into a character's head, part of a setting, or almost anything. Use plastic eggs, Styrofoam eggs, or hard-boiled eggs. Feel free to incorporate craft supplies, props, etc.  The total size of your project should be about the size of a shoebox, due to space limitations. 

    Bring your project, the book that goes with it and a completed entry EGG FORM to the library. A panel of impartial judges will be awarding prizes in many categories! Projects and prizes will be sent home before spring break.

    I look forward to seeing how creative the children will be this year.  

    Need inspiration? Check out a video of some past year's submissions HERE!



    Can I help my child with their project?

    Please do!  The EGGstravaganza is a family affair.  This is not a competitive event, so don't feel shy about helping your children. You may even bring in your own egg project-  as long as it is book-related.

    Does every egg project win a prize?

    All the eggs are distinctive in some way, and all of them will be recognized.  If I had to pick a favorite, I would be paralyzed with indecision. Every participant will be rewarded with a small "Bag of Love" to take home.

    My egg project requires special consideration, can you help?

    We are able to accommodate egg projects that require electricity, projects that ooze, and projects with interactive parts.  Please refrain from projects that are dangerous, overly messy, or that involve living creatures. Do not incorporate valuable elements into your project, as I am unable to guard the displays at all times.

    My question still hasn't been answered...

    email me!  I love to hear from my reading community.  mnokleby@mcpsmt.org



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  • Reading Makes You Brighter!

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 2/10/2016


    Let your reading light shine!


    Kids who record their home reading from now until March 17th have  a chance to win some great prizes.  All readers who can read at least 3 hours (180 minutes) will get an

    OSPREY BASEBALL GAME TICKET! (Read more, get more tickets!)


    Kids who read 10 hours (600 minutes)will win one SILVERWOOD THEME PARK TICKET!  


    The Missoula Masons have also pledged to give 3 lucky readers a brand-new



    All kids who read 10 hours will be entered into a drawing for the Kindles.  I will add a child’s name again for every hour read beyond 10.  The more your child reads, the more likely they will be to win in the drawing.

    Please enter your reading minutes each day with our on-line form.  Just click HERE!

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  • Love To Read Results

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 3/27/2015
    I am so pleased to have so many students keeping track of their reading this spring.  All recording sheets were due on 3-20, and these are the students who participated.  Names in yellow read at least 10 hours (sometimes much more) and will receive a ticket to Silverwood Theme Park.  Every child participating will receive tickets to a Missoula Osprey game, and have their name entered in a drawing for a Kindle E-reader or a new bike. Everyone will have to be patient however, as traditionally the tickets don't arrive until school is almost over!
    Student Name class
    Sara N 5 Karlin
    Hayden D 3 Senecal
    Alex C 3 Senecal
    Freya J 5 Karlin
    Sierra F 4 Tackett
    Sophia P 2 Campbell
    Saricia B 3 Kalkschmidt
    Drew P 4 Riordan
    Violet K 3 Kalkschmidt
    Paxton P K Jourdonnais
    Mirabella R 3 Kalkschmidt
    Virgil J 2 Campbell
    Ben S 3 Kalkschmidt
    Nicholas Z 4 Riordan
    Molly H 1 Schueterer
    Elliott B 2 Krause
    Tory H 4 Riordan
    Liam S 5 Pritchard
    Will V 1 Farnes
    Andrew E 4 Riordan
    Alexis W 3 Kalkschmidt
    Collin S 4 Riordan
    Adelaide S 2 Krause
    Sophia S 1 Nisbet
    Hayzen Y 1 Schueterer
    Laynie J 3 Kalkschmidt
    McKinley H 4 Riordan
    Patty S 2 Ferm
    Olviva G 2 Campbell
    Wyat M K Turnbull
    Mikayla D 5 Pritchard
    Rachel S 5 Karlin
    Keelan H K Jourdonnais
    Alex H 3 Senecal
    Tyler H 2 Krause
    Max M 3 Kalkschmidt
    Sage H K Jourdonnais
    Kael R K Jourdonnais
    Addison L 4 Riordan
    Madigan S 5 Karlin
    Misha R KLubke
    Jackson H K Thao
    Grace G 2 Campbell
    Aiden H 2 Ferm
    Alena W KLubke
    Gracie M 5 Pritchard
    Silas S 3 Kalkschmidt
    Victor G K Thao
    Piper B K Thao
    Bella B 2 Campbell
    Alexis S 5 Pritchard
    Caleb S 1 Nisbet
    Celi D 5 Karlin
    Haley H KLubke
    JC M 4 Riordan
    Jeremy R 3 Kalkschmidt
    Kelton S K Jourdonnais
    Lukas May 4 Riordan
    Paq M 4 Riordan
    Ruby A 4 Riordan
    Shane G 3 Kalkschmidt
    Stephen M 5 Karlin
    Sullivan M KLubke
    Forrest R K Jourdonnais
    Calijah L 3 Kalkschmidt
    Carmen S 4 Riordan
    Nyreec A 4 Tackett
    Tiffany K K Turnbull
    Vincent Z 2 Ferm
    Carmyn S 1 Farnes
    Nya M KLubke
    Lillian C 3 Senecal
    Cloee C k Thao
    Gabriel T K Thao
    Hektor M KLubke
    Lorena L KLubke
    Kensington W 1 Schueterer
    Krystina C 1 Nisbet
    Devin A 2 Campbell
    Adi C K Turnbull
    Caden K 1 Schueterer
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  • Book Lovers UNITE!

    Posted by Michele Nokleby on 2/11/2015
    book Love  
    Love to Read?  This month you can earn a ticket to SILVERWOOD water park and other fun stuff just by doing what you love.  Read 600 minutes (10 hrs) to earn a ticket, it only takes 15-20 minutes a night!  Can't read that much?  Just do the best you can... EVERY reader will win SOMETHING :)  Watch for the Record-keeping form coming home this week, or download it here
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