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    Hawthorne Library is the lucky recipient of many generous donations.  We always welcome your gently used books.  If we are unable to use them in the main collection, we allow teachers to take them for the classroom, or use them in our annual Spring Book Trade! 
    Book Exchange Credit:
    Another way to support our collection is by designating Hawthorne School Library as the recipient of your credit at the Missoula Book Exchange. They have been WONDERFULLY SUPPORTIVE of us by giving the library a hefty discounts, providing prizes for reading contests,  and handling special orders.



    Sandy Terrill taught at Hawthorne and C.S. Porter for over 30 years, until she retired in 2004. She taught with passion, fairness and love for the children entrusted to her. Having taught more than 700 students in her career, she rarely forgot a student’s name.  We are fortunate to have many books honoring her memory in our library collection.

    Bill was a longtime teacher and principal in Missoula District 1 schools. He began his career in the 1950s at Prescott School, where he shortly became the principal. He served as principal at Hawthorne school guiding its rebuilding period after a devastating fire. Bill took early retirement and he and Shirley, his wife, spent three years teaching in private schools in Central America and traveling during vacation periods to the Mayan Ruins and Caribbean beaches.  Mr. Rolshoven's memorial funds have helped purchase digital cameras for the students and teachers of Hawthorne school.

    The Greefield family generously designated Hawthorne School as the recipient of memorials in honor of Mr. Charles Greenfield, and Mrs. Mabel Greenfield.  These memorial funds have allowed us to add numerous holdings to our library collection.The Greenfields lived next door to our school for many years, and Mr. Greenfield frequently tutored children in the school.  Mrs. Greenfield was very active in the local Orchard Homes Society.  The library materials selected in their honor reflect the varied interests of the couple, including geography, geology, crafts, pets, cooking, and gardening. Books, DVDs, Atlases, and a new globe were purchased in memory.

    Ms Kohler taught 5th grade at Hawthorne for many years. During her 39-year career teaching elementary school in Montana, she taught in the gifted and talented program for several years. She organized the Montana Odyssey of the Mind Program, and served as the state director, before returning to the regular classroom for the last seven years of her teaching career. Colleagues and friends contributed to purchase many wonderful books in the library in her memory. In particular, books on puppetry, crafts, and local history, which were some of Elaine's favorite teaching topics.
    Elaine Kohler  

    Dr. Merle Manis taught in the department of Mathematics at the University of Montana, but his heart belonged to children. Many books on math and science have been added to our library collection in his memory. Dr. Manis was a pioneer in theoretical mathematics; Manis Valuations and Valuation Rings are named for him. His work continues to influence scholars around the world.
    Merle manis  

    Michele Scally loved her family more than anything in the world. Her passions were supporting their family goals, supporting Nick's school functions and spending time with her friends and family in Missoula and Seeley Lake. The family generously designated Hawthorne as the recipient of memorial funds.  In her honor, the library was able to purchase some much-needed equipment. Nick Scally attended school at Hawthorne Elementary.