• "This above all: To thine own self be true."  William Shakespeare, Hamlet    The philosophy of the Big Sky High School Theatre department of theatre education is to give as many students as possible a diverse experience of theatre in order to promote self development and artistic expression. By guiding students through a variety of exercises and performances they have the opportunity to discover their own unique and creative talents. While providing instruction and training through the arts that contribute to theatre education such as writing, speech, music, drama, visual arts/film making, dance, and technical theatre, students gain the ability to acquire knowledge, skills, and competency to perform effectively in dramatic productions

           Students have the opportunity for a hands on approach to theatre education through the following classes.

                 Semester Long – Theatre I - This class is an introduction to Theatre 
                                              Dance for Theatre  - Open to any student of all grade levels                                  
                                              Film Making   -  Drama I or Sophomore level or approval of Instructor required                                                                              
                 Year Long –         Theatre II,  II & IV -& IB Theatre   - Theatre I prerequisite                                                                                
                                             Technical Theatre -  Open to any student of all grade levels                                                                                                        
    These classes are production based. Students are involved in several types of productions a year. Productions may consist of cabaret shows, plays, musicals, children’s shows, improvisation shows, dance concerts and student-written productions. All shows are performed for a live audience.