Contributing to Your Child's Education

  • Hello Paxson Community!
    Welcome all new and returning families to Paxson School! We are excited for this new year and hope everyone has a great 2022-23 school year. 
    THANK YOU! We want to thank everyone who contributed donations to your PTA last year.  It was fun treating the teachers and staff with coffee and treats.  This year we WILL (feels good to say that again!) have more volunteer opportunities as well! The PTA wouldn't be a success without YOU!  We invite everyone to be a part of your wonderful Paxson community.  Through your time, contributions and support, the PTA supports many enriching and community building events and programs by providing funding and volunteers.  We are always open to new ideas on how to enhance our children’s and families' experience here at Paxson so come to a meeting or find one of us in the halls.
    Notice our NEW playground swings, spinners and rockers?!  We are still raising funds for Phase 3, our Nature Based Play Space, so DONATE today!  
    Considering a general donation?  Please do!  Your donations to the PTA directly support your school and our students.  With your financial support we are able fund a multitude of enrichment and support programs including Co-Motion dance and movement for K-2nd graders, creative writing/poetry thru the Missoula Writing Collaborative for 3rd-5th graders, a lunchtime PEP Can teacher (a program that promotes collaborative and inclusive play on the playground reducing recess conflict...think hoola hoops and giant parachutes), OLC (Outdoor Learning Center, our garden), and a student classroom activity funds for teachers. 
    • Our PTA community donates $4,600 to Paxson to the Classroom Activity Fund for each Teacher ($10 for each of our 460 students). And $500 each for our PE, Library, Music and Art teachers.
    • Your donation helps sponsor $4,400 for the amazing PEP Can program promoting play-for-all each year.
    • Over $8,400 is invested in our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders for the Creative Writing Program.
    • $4,300 to sponsor the CoMotion Dance and Movement program for our K, 1st and 2nd
    • Over $1500 to welcome the amazing Animal Wonders in the classroom for 3rd graders
    • Funding for INSPIRE Grant where teachers apply for funding for cool classroom projects from reading programs to books to owl pellets!
    • The annual Naturalist in the classroom for 4th graders
    • 5th grade spelling bee
    • Teacher Appreciation Week
    • Family Resource Center funding to help our families in need.
    • Free and fun events like the Ice Cream social and Family Fun Night

    We are able to fund programs this year using savings and limited fundraising but now we need to raise funds for these programs and more.  And our NEW big project is Playground Enhancements so keep an eye out for more information on that! Thank you for encouraging participation in our fundraisers and events so we can keep investing in our kids!

    Social events are spread throughout the year for fun and community building, and sometimes fundraising.  These events include Ice Cream Social, Harvest Party, Family Movie Night, Around the World Night, Riverbank Run and Running Club, Sock Hop, Field Day, and Staff Appreciation events (including coordinating food during conferences) and we plan to bring all these back next year!
    Three key fundraising events raise over 60% of our needed funds.  The key fundraisers are Local Products Fundraiser (holiday gifts from local vendors), Direct Ask donations and the Paxson Spring Fundraiser. You may donate any time by check at the front office or online at our PTA Donation Site.
    We welcome any and all you have to offer.  Join us the first Wednesday of each month at Paxson at 2pm. . Sign up to receive emails for details!
    Here are a few contact names and numbers:


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  • Other fun events to watch for (and volunteer for) are Family Movie Nights, Parents' Nights Out, Spring Bike Walk Bus days, language related activities, after-school activities and opportunities, Riverbank Run, running club, and more. Please Note: Many of these events and programs are run by volunteers. These dates are subject to change. Stay in touch!

    PTA meetings are the 1st Wednesday of each month at 2pm, at school-- please join us!