Distributing Information to Students and Staff

  • Missoula County Public Schools has a distribution system which may be used, with approval, to distribute items to students and staff. 

    Before attempting to use the District's distribution system, please review the District's policy in regard to use of school property for posting notices and/or distributing information to students (Policies 4331 and 3221).  

    Posting Information on a School's Public Bulletin Board

    Each school offers a public bulletin board for posting announcements that are "student oriented." No commercial publication should be posted or distributed unless the purpose is to further a school activity, such as graduation or class pictures. Contact the building principal(s) at each school to request permission to post a flyer or announcement on the school's public bulletin boardNote: No posted material should be obscene, libelous, invade the privacy of others, cause substantial disruption of the proper and orderly operation and discipline of school activities, or advocate for conduct otherwise inconsistent with shared values of a civilized social order. 

    Getting Information Directly to Students 

    Per a recent revision to policy 3221 (effective December 2010), non-school sponsored organizations, including government agencies, parent or student organizations not sponsored by a school, or community organizations, are allowed to make flyers and/or other materials available to students through placement on a central table or display board at the school. No more than 50 flyers will be accepted for each school. Only school-sponsored organizations, such as parent-teacher organizations (PTAs), student clubs or Flagship, are allowed to send flyers/materials directly home with students.

    For approval to have your flyers/materials made available to students, please follow these steps:

    • Provide a copy of the item you wish to distribute to the Kara Tortorich, business services specialist, in the MCPS Business Services Office.  You may do this several ways: via e-mail (kmtortorich@mcps.k12.mt.us); via fax machine at 549-0449; or by mail to the MCPS Business Building at 915 South Ave West, Missoula, MT 59801.
    • Add disclaimer statement to all flyers: "This material is neither sponsored by nor endorsed by Missoula County Public Schools, the Superintendent, or this school." 
    • Include the name of the organization, the name of the person who is requesting permission, a phone number, fax number or email, with the copy of the item that is to be distributed.
    • Distribution requests from school-sponsored organizations that wish to send flyers home with students should include the following information: grades, schools, boys or girls, desired date of distribution, etc. Please be specific.
    • Requests are normally processed within one week.  Once your request has been approved, an authorization form will be provided to you either by fax or e-mail.  The authorization form will contain instructions to assist with distribution. Distribution of flyers will not be allowed the first two weeks or last two weeks of school.  


    Getting Information Directly to Teachers and Staff


    If you wish to distribute information directly to teachers or staff at a school, please contact the building principal(s) at each school. Again, no commercial publication should be posted or distributed unless the purpose is to further a school activity.


    More Information 

    For more information about any of these procedures, contact Kara Tortorich at 728-2400, ext. 3021.