• Seventy Four MCPS High School Musicians selected for this year’s Montana All-State Band, Choir & Orchestra.


    At the end of the school year, high school musicians hoping for a chance to perform in the Montana All-State music ensembles are practicing diligently to prepare audition recordings for submission.  Working with their music teachers, these students produce a sample of their skills by performing complex etudes, scales and songs for the audition.  The auditions are heard by professional musicians during the summer and results are posted at the end of August.


    Seventy Four of Missoula County Public School’s finest will represent their schools and community in Great Falls at the Montana High School Associations All-State Gala Festival.  The concert concludes the Montana Music Educators Association Conference held each year in October.


    Students from Big Sky, Hellgate and Sentinel will prepare the music to be performed well in advance of the two days of rehearsal scheduled for October 19 and 20.  Guest conductors from leading universities around the country will lead Montana’s best to prepare for the final concert. It’s a highlight of the MMEA Conference each year.

    Students who have achieved this honor are:
    NAME Ensemble School Part
    Morghan Thomas Choir Hellgate S1
    Solveig Gallego Choir Hellgate S1
    Sophia Thompson Choir Hellgate A1
    Daria Porter Choir Hellgate A1
    Maeve Fahey Choir Hellgate A1
    Brighid Leonard Choir Hellgate A2
    Ciera Syvrud Choir Hellgate A2
    Levi Meyer Choir Hellgate T1
    Dillon Deschamps Choir Hellgate T1
    Mason Martin Choir Hellgate T1
    Monroe Ayers Choir Hellgate T2
    Noah Van de Wetering Choir Hellgate B1
    Chance Leuphold Choir Hellgate B2
    Elijah Owens Choir Hellgate B2
    Eliot Biehl Choir Hellgate B2
    Loran Leake Choir Hellgate B2
    Stephen Blotzke Choir Hellgate B2
    Grace Gibson-Snyder Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Josephine MacDonald Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Elise Baker Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Matthew Knight Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Su Su Oo Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Susan Sirrs Orchestra Hellgate Double Bass
    John Paul Toney Orchestra Hellgate Double Bass
    Maximilian Grimmsmann Orchestra Hellgate Viola
    Maia Decker Orchestra Hellgate Viola
    McKenna Quirk Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Arnica Chao Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Madison Butler Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Leia Behunin Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Camas Allison-Bunnell Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Gabriel Cantor Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Ian Knight Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Elen Gariepy Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Hanna Huang Orchestra Hellgate Violin II
    Ravesloot, Grace Band Hellgate Alto Sax
    McBurney, Moira Band Hellgate Bassoon
    Ursery, Ellana Band Hellgate Bassoon
    Perry, Rivers Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Richter, Sophia Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Buddulph, McKinley Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Donovan, Cade Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Flynn, Abbey Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Riley, Brooke Band Hellgate Flute
    Buhler, Angel Band Hellgate Flute
    Yonce, Evan Band Hellgate Oboe
    Fradkin, Alora Band Hellgate Tenor Sax
    Skrivseth, Noah Band Hellgate Trombone
    Mikesell, Hannah Band Hellgate Trumpet
    Sippel, Luke Band Hellgate Trumpet
    High, Allison Orchestra Hellgate Flute
    Nguyen-Haberneski, Arianna Orchestra Hellgate Flute
    Walker, Meredith Orchestra Hellgate Trombone
    Gray, Gabriel Orchestra Hellgate Trumpet
    Tait Kuchenbrod Orchestra Sentinel Cello
    Kincaid MacDonald Orchestra Sentinel Cello
    Jamie Gyde Orchestra Sentinel Cello
    Malia Thomas Orchestra Sentinel Double Bass
    Jackson Olsen Orchestra Sentinel Viola
    Ethan Heidi Orchestra Sentinel Viola
    Nicole Emlen Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Cory Emlen Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Peyton Riska Band Sentinel Trumpet
    Kristen McGuire Band Big Sky Oboe
    Gianna Migliaccio Band Big Sky Flute
    Jacques Crepeau Band Big Sky Tuba
    Sean Stineford Orchestra Big Sky Trombone
    Logan Rauk Choir Big Sky  
    Ellie Michels Choir Big Sky  
    Charlie Chapman Choir Big Sky  
    Wes Rolle Choir Big Sky  
    Jonas Olmsted Choir Big Sky  
    Jalynn Richardson Choir Big Sky  
    Janey Anderson Choir Big Sky