• MCPS High School Musicians selected for this year’s Montana All-State Band, Choir & Orchestra!


    At the end of the school year, high school musicians hoping for a chance to perform in the Montana All-State music ensembles are practicing diligently to prepare audition recordings for submission.  Working with their music teachers, these students produce a sample of their skills by performing complex etudes, scales and songs for the audition.  The auditions are heard by professional musicians during the summer and results are posted at the end of August.  We are so proud of the students who were selected to represent MCPS this year.  Unfortunately, the All-state festival was cancelled due to COVID.  Thank you to these amazing student musicians and their music teachers for submitting auditions.


    Students who have achieved this honor are:
    Mikayla Dolan Choir Big Sky Soprano I
    Rebecca Sylte-Riggers Choir Big Sky Soprano II
    Kabryn Lamb Choir Big Sky Alto I
    Shoua Vang Choir Big Sky Alto I
    Gwen Fleming-Campbell Choir Big Sky Alto II
    Ben Watson Choir Big Sky Tenor I
    Tearin Rath Choir Big Sky Bass I
    Ethan Ingraham Choir Big Sky Bass II
    Brady McBride Choir Big Sky Bass II
    Tegan Soll Choir Big Sky Bass II
    Jenna James Choir Hellgate Soprano II
    Aubree Luithle Choir Hellgate Soprano II
    Adair Arnold Choir Hellgate Alto I
    Haiden Munden Choir Hellgate  Alto I
    Alexa Chavez-Aguirre Choir Hellgate Alto II
    Melody Irvine Choir Hellgate Alto II
    Kess Victor Choir Hellgate Alto II
    Cade Slayden Choir Hellgate Bass II
    Zadia Hughes Band Big Sky Clarinet
    Anneke Van Regenmorter Band Big Sky Clarinet
    Connor Stineford Band Big Sky Trombone
    Isabel Emmert-Nolte Band Hellgate Bassoon
    Julian Bain Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Kiyomi White Band Hellgate Clarinet
    Simon Silverstein Band Hellgate Alto Saxophone
    Veronica Stimpfling Band Hellgate Alto Saxophone
    Nicholas Woods Band Hellgate Trumpet
    Stella Michini Band Hellgate Horn
    Drew Saltzman Band Hellgate Percussion
    Tessa Macklin Band Sentinel Flute
    Julia Myers Band Sentinel Flute
    Calla Thompson Band Sentinel Flute
    Abigail Warner Band Sentinel Flute
    Adam Hahn Band Sentinel Oboe
    Chance Lockwood Band Sentinel Oboe
    Jaxson Kendall Band Sentinel Bassoon
    Josephina Moretti Band Sentinel Bassoon
    Jillianne Anderson Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Nicole Emlen Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Katarina Machek Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Sarah Mueller Band Sentinel Clarinet
    Gracie Hietala Band Sentinel Bass Clarinet
    Leanne Nordby Band Sentinel Bass Clarinet
    Finley Knellhorne Band Sentinel Alto Saxophone
    Noah Tegeder Band Sentinel Alto Saxophone
    Carson Donath Band Sentinel Baritone Saxophone
    Stephan Giguere Band Sentinel Trumpet
    Parker Woodrum Band Sentinel Horn
    Harrison Walker Band Sentinel Trombone
    Jacob Bishop Band Sentinel Euphonium
    Rhys Velde Band Sentinel Euphonium
    Samuel Hiltz Band Sentinel Tuba
    Quinn Tranell Band Sentinel Tuba
    Kaleb Trippe Band Sentinel Tuba
    Callum Coots Band Sentinel Percussion
    Chloe Caldwell Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Phillip Chao Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Gabe Kantor Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Ashley Kim Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Beatrice Shiminek Orchestra Hellgate Violin
    Hannah Rafferty Orchestra Hellgate Viola
    Ann Sweatland Orchestra Hellgate Viola
    Brooke Best Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Grace Gibson Snyder Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Josey MacDonald Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    Henri Naughton Orchestra Hellgate Cello
    John Paul Toney Orchestra Hellgate String Bass
    Emma Nelson Orchestra Sentinel Violin
    Lydia Garrick Orchestra Sentinel Cello
    Tait Kuchenbrod Orchestra Sentinel Cello