• Helpful Resources:

    Use these links to aid your learning!!
    Khan Academy :The Khan Academy has short video clips on a large variety of topics. If you are having trouble  with a topic from class try viewing a video on that topic.
    GeoGebra: GeoGebra is open-source software that allows to do Algebra and Geometry to create interactive drawings. In class, we will use Geometer's Sketchpad which is a very similar program.
    Wolfram Math  : Wolfram Math uses technology to explain and investigate math topics. Use the search feature to investigate a topic from class.
    Q Gradebook: Check out your grades and attendance at this page. Go to the top of this page and click Web Connect.
    Desmos Graphing Calculator : This is a free online graphing calculator.
    Math Open Reference : Search Geometry constructions for a quick how-to.