• I am so excited to be your child's second-grade MOA teacher this year!  I love teaching online because I get to know so much about my students (your kiddos!) I love seeing a daily glimpse into their homes, lives, families, pets, etc. 

    My husband Ty and I raised three amazing young men.  We can't believe how quickly the time zipped by and how wise we've suddenly become.... now that our sons call for life advice!  

    Much gratitude to each of you for letting me see such a personal side of your lives and trusting me with your wonderful children.  It has been a wonderful start and I have no doubt that it will be a fantastic finish! Certainly, a teary one as I am so bonded to this little team!

    Warmly, Mrs. Lofthouse

    lofthouse family picture

    photo credit:Crackle Photography
    Mrs. Lofthouse