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    Craig Messerman  

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    Science Teacher and Restroom Dispatch Agent
    Hi! This is my twelfth year at Big Sky, and 29th year teaching science with MCPS. OMG what was I thinking?  I currently teach physics and H.S.A. Integrated Science 1. 

    Integrated Science 1 is a freshmen-level science course that combines Earth science and biology topics. Our main goal is to foster inquiry and critical thinking in all of our students using Next-Gen science standards. We believe in collecting data and constructing concepts.

    Physics is an upper-level science course that emphasizes the interactions of objects containing matter and energy. Topics include linear motion, 2D motion, forces, energy, electricity, waves, sound, and light.

    IB Physics is a Standard Level two year course on the fundamentals of physics. Our goal is the preparation of students for the IB Assessments.