In-Service/Travel Expense Guidelines

  • Itemize all estimated expenses.  If unanticipated expenses are claimed after the event, budgeted funds may not cover these expenses.  Allow three weeks for advance payment.  RECONCILIATION MUST BE COMPLETED AFTER TRIP. 

    Per Diem

    1. Calculate according to times and days of travel - minimum of three hours within any one of the range as follows:


       IN STATE


      BREAKFAST(12:01 a.m.–10 a.m.)



      LUNCH (10:01 a.m. – 3 p.m.)



      DINNER (3:01 p.m. – 12 midnight)



    1.  Flat Rate - No receipt is required. 


    1. Employees are expected to car pool.  Only designated driver(s) will be reimbursed.
    2. For maximum miles to destination from Missoula, refer to chart.
    3. As of January 1, 2017 - the standard mileage rates for district employees will be .535 cents per mile. 

    Lodging *Book directly with the hotel, or motel, not on-line. 

    1. Request state employee rates or convention rates when reserving a room.
    2. Include name of individual handling lodging receipt in estimated expenses space.
    3. Send a copy of the reservation with prices, along with Travel Expense Request Form to the Business Building.
    4. Send original receipt to Business office with your reconciliation. 


    1. To request direct pay by the District, registration forms must be completed and attached to the Request Form.
    2. Fill in DATE DUE on Request Form (allow three weeks processing time).
    3. For reconciliation, provide receipt or copy of certificate of completion.

    Air Fare 

    1. Employees arranging airfare may contact Rebecca Myers (Ext. 3036) for the contact information for an appropriate travel agent.
    2. Arrangement should be made to have the agent bill us or you can pay with a personal check or credit card, and be reimbursed upon submitting a copy of your itinerary/invoice to the Business Office with your reconciliation.


    1.  Original receipt required for reimbursement, attached to reconciliation.  No advance payment.
    Baggage Fees
    1. Original receipt is required for reimbursement, attached to reconciliation.  No advance payment.


    1. Original receipt required for reimbursement, attach to Reconciliation.


    1. Obtain the SIGNATURE of your principal/building supervisor (administrators:  from the Superintendent) and the COMPLETE BUDGET CODE.  The signature of the individual responsible for the budget is necessary, if different than your supervisor.
    2. Send forms to the Business Office for processing.  Requests to be paid from the Curriculum budget need to be sent directly to the Curriculum Office.