• Feeding a baby cow 

    Above: Frau Davis feeding a baby cow on her friend's farm in Tauernfeld, Germany in 2016. 

    Period 1: German I

    Period 2: German I + II

    Period 3: German I

    Period 4: German II, III + IV  


    728 - 2400 ext. 6632

    Willkommen zur Deutschklasse! Welcome to German class! I'm Ingrid Davis, and I teach German I, II, III and IV. I hope Hellgate German students will develop a love for German culture. If possible, I encourage all students to go on an exchange, or host an exchange student. I began learning German when I was a student in Missoula, and met lifelong friends on my three-week exchange to Bavaria. Since then, I've traveled on my own to Berlin and Hamburg, but my favorite place to visit will always be the small farm in Tauernfeld in der Oberpfalz, where I went on my high school exchange.

    My husband and I recently moved to Florence from the Bozeman area. We have a bernedoodle named Maggie and enjoy playing cards and camping. I enjoy riding my bike and crafting. 

    Please refer to the Google Classroom for information about the current unit we are studying. If you miss class, please email me for makeup work, or leave a note in the 'question' box in the German classroom. 

    Frau Davis