Building Reserve Levies

  • Safety, Security, Health

    • Building reserve levies provide funding to:
      • Enhance safety with facility modifications.
      • Strengthen campus security with new equipment and system upgrades
      • Ensure a healthy learning environment with timely repairs and regular maintenance, including roof repairs, electrical and mechanical system upgrades, and grounds maintenance.

    Elementary District Levy (grades K-8)

    • Total levy amount:  $3.5 million ($700,000/year for five years)
    • Cost per $100,000 in assessed property value:  $6.48/year

    High School District Levy (grades 9-12)

    • Total levy amount:  $4.9 million ($700,000/year for seven years)
    • Cost per $100,000 in assessed property value:  $3.61/year


    • The most recent MCPS building reserve levies were approved by Missoula County voters in 2011 and expired in 2016 (Elementary District) and 2018 (High School District).

    In 2015, Missoula County voters approved facility bonds that funded major new construction and remodeling projects throughout the District.  Building reserve levies would help maintain those investments and ensure our facilities stay in top condition.