George Orwell quotation
  • Course Goals: 

    1. To understand the principles and practice of journalism in modern-day society
    2. To gather facts through skillful interviewing and researching techniques
    3. To craft solidly-constructed pieces of journalistic writing according to various formats and intents
    4. To create news and feature articles that inform and engage target demographics

    Course Outline: 

    • Weeks 1&2: Intro to "Intro to Journalism" & Law, Ethics, Policy in Journalism
    • Weeks 3&4: How to Write and Think For Journalism & Newswriting Content and Structure
    • Weeks 5&6: Application of News Content and Structure & Writing Mechanics/The Interview
    • Weeks 7&8: The Profile Feature Narrative Piece / Introduction to the Satire Piece 
    • Weeks 9&10: Application of Satirical Writing & Application of Hard News Report Style and Structure
    • Weeks 11&12: Continued Application of Hard/Soft News Report Style and Structure
    • Weeks 13&14: Application of Evergreen News Feature Style and Structure
    • Weeks 15&16: Elements of Classical Argumentation / Application via the Opinion-Editorial Feature Piece
    • Weeks 17&18: The A&E Review Piece / Application of 
    • Weeks 19&20: Elements of Design / Final Digital Portfolio