• While your student is in the Extended Resource Classroom, here is the general order of academics and the schedule that we try to follow each day: 

    8:10-8:45 - Breakfast and Morning Meeting in General Ed Classrooms

    8:45-10:00- Reading (Alternating between direct instruction and choice time) 

    10:00-10:30 - Morning Recess

    10:30-10:50- Snack and Social Group

    10:50-11:40- Math Work (direct instruction and independent practice)  

    11:40-12:15- Lunch and Social Time

    12:15-1:00- Outdoor Recess, Gen Ed Math Groups, Writing Practice

    1:00-1:45- Writing Practice

    1:45-2:00- Social Stories and Choice Time

    2:00-2:20- Afternoon Recess 

    2:20- 2:50- General Education Classrooms for Science and Choice

    2:50-3:05- Pack Up

    3:05-3:10- Dismissal