• Third Grade Nuts & Bolts

    Ms. Ibis  


    Communication with the teacher

    Email: sibis@mcpsmt.org

    Phone: 406.542.4050 ext. 4722

    Webpage: https://www.mcpsmt.org/Domain/3314

    During the school day, the best way to reach me is by email. I return emails from 7:45 to 3:45, and I will return phone calls and voicemails after student dismissal.  To keep everyone in the loop, I frequently update our class webpage with announcements, special events, curriculum tidbits and our monthly learning goals. Please check the webpage often for updates.

    Missed School & Make-Up Work

    Third grade is a crucial year in your student’s learning! Multiple studies have shown that success in 3rd grade is directly tied to future college and career success. Every math, reading and writing standard is brand new in 3rd grade and is your child's first exposure to the skills that will influence the rest of their learning. We rarely have a wasted moment, and each day of 3rd grade builds upon the last. Missing school can deeply affect your student’s understanding and sense of belonging.

    Sick days are inevitable and unavoidable, so please carefully plan vacations and medical appointments to minimize the number of missed days. If your child is absent for just one day, I’ll work with them to make-up most missed assignments at school the next day. If your child will be gone for an extended vacation, complete the Educational Trip form on the Rattlesnake website, which serves as notification for the office staff. I do not prepare make-up work for extended vacations. The blog on the homepage of this website is a great reference for current content and skills if you would like to do learning on your trip. 


    Students should read at least 30 minutes every day, including the weekend. Students are invited to take home class and school library books to read at home. Students complete a daily reading log.  

    Math and other homework will be sent home on an “as needed” basis. Students are encouraged to use I-Ready MyPath at home, especially if they are absent. 

    We’ll use a green boomerang folder for homework, notices, and permission slips. Please return the folder to school. 

    Technology in the classroom

    Websites such as Google Classroom, Clever and I-Ready are a crucial part of our learning this year. Students will use their MCPS account to access learning technology. 

    All technology and internet activity will be closely monitored. Before using any technology, we’ll review rules, etiquette and safety. Some tech can be accessed at home, if desired.


    We celebrate birthdays with a class game. Students with summer birthdays will celebrate their ½ birthday. 

    Please no treats.  


    If your student takes daily medication, please make sure it is on file with the office. Please notify me if your student keeps an inhaler or epi-pen in their backpack.

    Phones & Smart Watches

    In accordance with the MCPS student handbook, phones and smart watches (including Gizmos) must be turned off and/or left in the backpack during the school day. If you have an urgent message for your student, please call the office or send me an email and the message will be delivered. 

    Green Tickets

    Students can receive green tickets from any teacher in the school for being responsible, respectful, safe and kind. One green ticket is selected every week for recognition from our principal. Additionally, in our classroom, students will "pay it forward" by choosing a worthy organization to donate their good fortune to. Each ticket is worth 25 cents and, at the end of the year, I will make donations to each organization on behalf of our class. 

    Naturalist Thursdays

    Every Thursday afternoon we will take our learning outside. Please help your child dress for the weather, and plan to send extra layers if the weather is looking cold or rainy.