• Hello families of 2nd grade students!

    It has been a joy getting to know your students and making music together so far this year!
    This week in class we started learning a folk dance called Kings and Queens, and quite a few students have requested that I share the music and steps to try at home with family. The folk dance does work best with a larger group but it is very fun and the steps are fairly simple so I hope you consider trying this dance with your kiddo!
    Here are the steps: 
    (Set up standing across from your partner with pairs of partners side by side to create an alley)
    1. All walk in for 4

    2. All walk back for 4

    3. Right hand turn for 8

    4. Left hand turn for 8

    5. Gyspy turn (hands at side look at partner in the eyes and turn) for 8

    6. Head Couple Sashay down the alley for 8

    7. Head Couple Sashay up the alley for 8

    8. Head Couple walk to bottom of the alley, others bow

    9. Step up in the line to make room for the previous head couple to be at the bottom of the alley. Now there is a new head couple.

    Here is a video of students doing the dance with the music (this is the same recording I used in class for us to all dance to).