• Thank you for your interest in judging for the 2021 Missoula Speech and Debate meet; competition will literally not be possible without you! This document has a number of resources that will walk you through how to sign up to judge, and what you will need to do. The sign up form on this page will be the official sign up and will “lock” you in for judging for the round(s) of your choice. 


    This is the program we will use for running tournaments and assigning judges. You must create a Tabroom.com account (they are free) in order to judge. Please do this before filling out a sign up form below to streamline the process.

    1. How to create a Tabroom.com Account: https://docs.tabroom.com/Sign_Up (directions)
      1. Go to tabroom.com to actually create an account
      2. Once you create an account,  I will be able to link you as a judge to our school. When you sign up to judge (see below), you will need to provide the same email that you used to create your Tabroom.com account. Once you create your account and sign up to judge, you do not need to take any further steps. I will get you registered to judge for the tournament(s) of your choice!

    Judge Handbook

    This handbook is from 2019, so some logistical details have changed for this year in terms of how rounds are run and what ballots look like. However, the information on what each event entails and things to consider when making your decision is accurate.


    1. 2019 Judge Handbook: https://cdn1.sportngin.com/attachments/document/0090/7747/Class_AA_Judges_Handbook__2019___Updated_December_2019_.pdf#_ga=2.52914155.234696379.1605551224-1780595351.1602713394 


    Tournament Sign Up:

    The Missoula Meet will take place in person this year over the weekend of November 12-13. Because this is a regional tournament, we will need a ton of judges in order for the meet to run smoothly! You can sign up for as many rounds as you are interested in judging, and the more the merrier! Please also feel free to ask your friends to sign up to judge as well. If you have any questions, concerns, or need to cancel your judging assignment, please email kbixler@mcpsmt.org.

    Follow the link below to sign up for rounds to judge! Remember, this "locks" you in, and we will expect you to judge unless you email to cancel. Thank you for your time and support!

    Nov. 12-13 Judge Sign Up