Classroom Rules

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    Bien Venue dans la classe de francais!
    Class Rules
    1.  Be positive / Be a KNIGHT: Come to class with a positive attitude.  Be prepared with a separate binder for German/ French class, a writing utensil and a willingness to participate orally and/or in writing; individually, with a partner or in a group.
    2.  Be Polite / Be respectful and safe:  Listen while others are talking, stash your belongings (especially that gosh darn phone, unless instructed by me to do otherwise) as to not create a distraction for yourself or others or a tripping hazard in our small room.  Please clean up after yourself.
    3.  Be Productive / Be a graduate:  The class objective is to learn to speak, understand, read and write in another language - this requires patience and diligence.  It is my job to maximize each student's learning potential, which requires the cooperation of EVERYONE.
    4.  Food and drink are allowed in my class as long as it does not create a distraction to the class and you clean up after yourself.