• The Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) is a one-time assessment designed to measure a child's skills and behaviors within the first few weeks of entering kindergarten. Using KEA data can help inform teachers and leaders of the number of children who are ready for school overall, as well as support instruction by meeting students where they are when they enter kindergarten.

    The Kindergarten Entry Assessment is… 

    • A community learning tool
    • A way to determine what children and families need in order to increase the number of children who arrive at school ready to learn and thrive
    • A rapid tool that can help teachers and schools provide targeted support to incoming K students
    • A systematic tool for observation of specific social and emotional skills

    KEA - Components

    Teachers assess the skills of incoming kindergarten students within the first 3 weeks of the school year. At the same time, families/caregivers complete detailed questionnaires about life experiences, from birth through age five. Analyzed together, these components reveal important information about the readiness of children in Missoula County and the factors that are having an outsized impact on readiness.

    Teachers Assess Children’s Skills in These Three Domains…

    • Kindergarten Academics: recognizes numbers, shapes and letters; counts 20 objects; writes own name; produces rhyming words; knows features of books
    • Social expression: demonstrates empathy; expresses wants and needs; tells about an experience; engages with others
    • Self-regulation: stays focused; follows directions and rules; plays cooperatively; participates in groups; manages frustration well

    The reports generated from the results of the KEA are used to support families and the surrounding community in fostering and/or building environments that aid children in kindergarten readiness. Teachers use the information to ensure they are meeting students where they are upon entering kindergarten and to build lessons and interventions that meet the students’ needs and facilitate student growth.


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