• Web Design

    Typically taken as an independent study, with instructor approval, this is a project based course designed to prepare each student to create, design and maintain elements for a Web site. Concepts include design principles, a survey of basic rules and codes for html, file structure and management, tools for responsive layout and navigation (CSS), tables, accessibility guidelines, photo manipulation, basic animation, and search engine optimization techniques. 

    Course goals address organizational need of professional workers to conceptualize web solutions to solve problems. Students will gain practical experience planning, developing, designing and implementing effective, functional, and attractive html documents by:

    1. Creating a personal or business website designed to project the goals and image of the site.
    2. Utilizing market research, photo manipulation, and content development packaged into an .html format for web publishing.
    3. Creating a portfolio for future job opportunities.


Last Modified on July 12, 2021