• Contact:  We use remind.com to share information, schedules, and changes.  If you want that information, please text @coachddel  to 81010. You can also email me at ddelridge@mcpsmt.org, or call me at 396-3204. Normally we have an in person parent meeting prior to the start of the season, this will replace that meeting. Please call with any questions. 

    Goals:   To give your student-athlete a program that will push them to improve in the classroom, on the softball field and in their community. We will demand 100% effort in all areas of their growth and will strive and work on teaching the basics of softball at all levels.  As the situation allows, we will push the student/athlete to more advanced softball skills, while always demanding respect, manners, teamwork, hard work, 100% effort, and honesty, which in the end, will put us in a position to compete each and every day.  And in doing this, we want to have fun.   

    Teams:   Varsity: Playing time is earned and each and every spot is open to win. Our goal is to compete each inning and be the best team we can be.  

    JV: One JV team this year. 

    Tryouts:  March 15th, 16th, 17th.   We will tell each girl which team they will start with, anyone can play up or down, depending on their effort and results. The JV teams will also play each other and players could be moved from team to team for different reasons. Softball is a cut sport.   We can show you our criteria on request, but we won’t show other player’s scores or evaluations. 

    Emergencies/special medical requests:  You need to sign up with drangonfly, see Sentinel front desk for that procedure.   All dues and medical(physicals) must be done prior to March 15th, or they can’t tryout or practice until complete.  We want to know any specific medical concerns.  We have a trainer and our coaches have some medical training. We will talk to the girls about safety #1 and how to deal with a medical issue. Please call with any questions or concerns in this area. We will follow the MCPS guidelines reference COVID. 

    Playing Time: There is no mandatory playing time and playing time will be the head coach’s decision(with help from assistants) based off the following:

    1. Grades, school work
    2. Attitude
    3. Work ethic/dedication to the program, their team
    4. Manners/respect, effort
    5. Ability, need of the team(s) that day, and coaches decision

    VARSITY vs. JV:   The best way for someone to improve is to play. We only have so many innings at each level and playing time won’t be equal and in the end, we may not agree.   PLEASE realize the value of JV and realize a good solid program will have numbers and realize the value of playing JV vs sitting on Varsity.   Realize that each year is different, your time for Varsity may come your junior year or maybe even your senior year. IF YOUR DAUGHTHER DOESN’T WORK HARD AT JV OR IS NOT A GOOD TEAMMATE THERE, THEY WON’T GET A CHANCE AT VARSITY. 

    Lettering:   If the coaching staff feels the student/athlete play a significant role in/with the varsity program they will earn a letter.   Any player that travels with Varsity to State will earn a letter.    

    Questions/concerns/comments:  I would ask the player to talk with their coach with any of the above.   We will develop an atmosphere where your young adult can bring any concerns to their coach(at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way), this is a great learning experience for them.   If there are still concerns, get with a parent/guardian, call a meeting with the coach the following day(by phone call to me, 396-3204).   I’m available most of the time.   I’m open to discussions, we want this to be a positive experience for your student/athlete, but it needs to be civil and away from other players and parents.   If we speak and you aren’t satisfied, feel free to call Athletic Director Fortmann, or the Principal.   You may not agree with all the coaches’ decisions, that is life, there are different softball philosophies and we all see talent, ability,  effort and games differently.   

    WHY WE COACH:   I put in for this position because I felt there weren’t enough coaches that demanded perfection from young female athletes, on and off the field.   I also felt we didn’t have enough coaches that pushed young female athletes to their potential.   As your daughter develops, we will ask her to push herself to the next level, then the next.  This may be frustrating, but our expectations will continue to grow and grow.    We believe in each girl.   We will continue to keep the wheel of improvement moving, as a team, and as an individual.   We will do our best to bring girls aside and work on specific tasks, but we also need to keep the team concept moving forward.

    Practice:   Players must make 10 practices before they can play in a game.   If a student doesn’t practice the day before a game(unless approved by a coach) she won’t play in the following day’s game.   If she is late one minute for the game report time, she will not start.  

    Other activities: We encourage other student activities, sports and community events.   However, those could result in not playing or reduced playing time.  We will be candid with the student on a case by case situation.     

    School violations:   Any school violation will follow the school code of conduct. 

    COLLEGE HELP: I want to help anyone with scholarships and potential collegiate participation.   If you want help, please come see me and I(we) will do everything we can do, but it falls on the student/athlete to ask.   

    Fundraising:   The school provides our basic equipment but the Sentinel programs also need any help in fundraising for special equipment to help our programs.  White fees will cover the basics, socks, belt, shirt, sweatshirt, etc…, but we ask each player tries to raise $200 for Sentinel Athletics/Softball.   More information will be shared with the team. 

    I don’t know if we will have concessions this year, but if we do, we need parents to do this.   We made $500 last season and it’s always nice to have.

    SPECIFICS TO THIS YEAR:   I will take the 1st four non-conference games to see different girls in different roles.   As mentioned, no spot is set in stone and things could change from day to day.  

    We will bunt and slap and I will expect the girls to do their job.  The girls will know their expectations and we will teach them the skills to get those done.    We will value the “team” and we won’t tolerate negative drama or players not wanting others to succeed or not supporting others to succeed.   We will stress positive thoughts, body posture, and support.   We will encourage personal growth, success and recognition, but we will not get caught up in Varsity/JV, “the winning hit” or final play, but we will recognize that everyone will play a role in our success or failure.  No one girl will win a game and no one girl will lose a game.   By 2022, most people will have forgot what happened in 2021, but our girls will have that as part of their lives that will make them stronger,  and they will remember that they did their individual part, for the TEAM.    If a player is good enough to play at the next level, she will have that chance no matter what happens in high school.  If her softball time ends in high school, she will do that knowing she did her part with a great group.     Your daughter will learn from this experience in 2021.