Welcome to Paxson's Annual Local Products Fundraiser

    The Local Products Fundraiser is our PTA's main fundraising event!  We sell awesome holiday gifts from local vendors with the proceeds supporting many student programs like the Missoula Writing Collaborative, CoMotion, the Paxson Art Experience, Classroom Funds, Teacher Inspire Grants, books, field trips and more.  Your purchases make a difference in Paxson students’ lives...we couldn't do it without YOUR SUPPORT!
    Our 2021 fundraiser is here!  We're swapping out paper order forms and upgrading to an online platform again this year.  Obviously this will help with no-contact safety, but we are hopefully it will allow you to reach more friends, family and coworkers too.  Send out the link and friends can shop and pay for items themselves.  A few items to note:
    • Unfortunately, we don't ship items.
    • Please have supporters include your child's name in the checkout so we know what to include when we bag all the items ordered under your child's name (if you have multiple children, pick one child or feel free to have orders listed under each).
    • IF you are an alumni or community member with no connection to current students, please write "Self" and "Pickup" in the Child's Name section and come pick up your items on 12/6.  Email us with questions please.
    • We will collect items from our local vendors and have them ready for student families to PICK UP at the gym on Monday 12/6. Pick up from 3:15-6:00 pm in the Paxson gym. Please enter the gym from the door on Higgins Ave. Orders will be grouped by student seller name. If you are unable to pick-up on Monday afternoon, please email paxson.fundraise@gmail.com to make other arrangements. 
    • Once you pick up the items, you will get in touch with the supporters who bought items from your student and you will deliver to them. Coordinate a time for drop off to make sure they are home to get the goodies! 
    • Please follow covid safety practices by wearing a mask and no-contact delivery.
    If you need an intro email to send to family and friends, feel free to borrow from this one:
    Hello friends, Paxson School Local Products Fundraiser is here again! Each year this fundraiser focuses on selling local Missoula and Montana products to support my kid's school. This fundraiser supports the school programs that the PTA funds like the Missoula Writing Collaborative, our creative movement program called CoMotion, the Paxson Art Experience, Family Resource Center (FRC), our classroom Activity Fund (every teacher including PE, music and library gets $10/student), field trips and more. Hey if you're going to buy honey or coffee at Drum or eat at Biga Pizza, would you consider supporting our over 450 kids? We pick up items 12/6 and I can bring them to you that week!  https://local-products-fundraiser-for-paxson-school.cheddarup.comLocalhttps://local-products-fundraiser-for-paxson-school.cheddarup.comhttps://local-products-fundraiser-for-paxson-school.cheddarup.com
    __________________(insert kid's first and last name and grade here so the buyer can copy and paste for tracking at checkout) are wondering if there's anything you would like to buy? https://paxsonlocalproductsfundraiser.cheddarup.comhttps://paxsonlocalproductsfundraiser.cheddarup.comhttps://paxsonlocalproductsfundraiser.cheddarup.com
    Thank you in advance - your purchases make such a difference for our Paxson students.  Please reach out to us with questions at paxson.fundraise@gmail.com
    Enjoy shopping our Local Products Fundraiser!