• As defined by C.S. Porter Admin:

    Remote Learning Expectations: 
    What is Hybrid Learning?
    It is a combination of remote learning and face-to-face learning.

    What is Remote Learning?
    It is where teachers deliver lessons and instruction and students complete work as if they were in a classroom.  We use Google Classroom 

    Remote Learning Staff Expectations:
    Provide students online lessons and instruction for the two class periods during the current rotation.
    Provide 1-2 hours of instruction and lesson for each class period.
    Provide a minimum of one instructional video (per group) during the 2-3 days of remote learning.
    Provide a minimum of one Office Hour from 2-2:30, T, Th (Tuesday for L-Z, Thursday for A-K)  during the 2-3 days of remote learning.
    Ensure students are engaged during each day of remote learning using some form of documentation:
    Assignment completion 
    Google Form
    Exit ticket, etc.
    Provide lessons/instructional videos to your website or include your Google Classroom code on your website for students and parents to access.

    Remote Learning Tab on Staff Webpages (with Attendance Link for Remote days): C.S. Porter Remote Learning Attendance Check-In
    Most of our remote work is through Google Classroom. Students should know their teacher’s code in order to access the classroom. Therefore, each staff member is working on putting a Remote Learning tab on their school webpage as a simple way to access online content. Teacher remote learning tabs should be available by Friday, September 11th. This tab will also have a link for students to confirm his/her attendance on remote days. Remote attendance can also be submitted on the “Student” section of our webpage. Please have your student complete this form daily when on remote learning days. 

    Importance of Regular Attendance: 
    Because we have two classes per day, with each class being 2.5 hours (with short mask breaks outside), missing one day of class is equivalent to missing 3+ 45 minute class periods. Similarly, a 12-13 day rotation results in the equivalent of being in that class for an entire quarter. Consequently, missing multiple days at a time means missing significant class time. Please reach out to our attendance secretary to clarify reasons for missing school, and we can assist when/if needed to ensure regular attendance. 

    The only constant right now is change. :) Again, we thank you for your child, as it has been wonderful seeing students this fall for the first time since early March. Let’s continue to work together and follow safety guidelines so we can make school be as normal as possible for everyone.