• Your student has a schedule that you can see on Infinite Campus. However, for students in Life Skills, that schedule is more like a snapshot of their day than a timetable. We follow an adapted schedule in our classroom, due to the variety of grade levels (6th-8th), additional curriculum, and range of needs that we serve. We are unable to match the published grade level schedules exactly, nor are we able to always follow the same schedule every day. We are highly flexible. However, I will take attendance, and post grades according to the schedule that is posted in Infinite Campus.  If you have any questions about the schedule, please feel free to contact me.
    Most days we do follow a predictable schedule. Our classroom schedule is posted below.
    Daily Schedule: 
    1st - Reading
    2nd - Social Studies
    3rd - Life Skills/Google Classroom (7th graders attend Exploratory, 6th/8th graders attend PE Tue/Thu/Fri)
    4th - Math
    5th - Language Circle (8th graders attend their Exploratory) 
    6th - Lunch/Recess
    7th - WIN (7th graders attend PE Mon/Wed/Thu)
    8th - Life Skills (6th graders attend Exploratory)
    9th - Vocational
    On Fridays we have a "Friday Fun" activity.  It is during this time that we often have Community Based Instruction - leaving the school building for another setting (park, store, restaurant, etc.).  Most Fridays this will just take 7th period. Periodically, though, it may take more of our afternoon.