• Expectations for Remote Learning:

    1. Do the weekly assignments! For orchestra, the weekly assignment is to practice for 1 to 2 hours, and then to submit a practice reflection form (on the Google Classroom). For General Music, the assignments will vary depending on the week, but they will all be available through the Google Classroom.

    • Also, do the work for real. The Remote Learning model of teaching very much counts on families and students being self-directed and ACTUALLY COMPLETING ASSIGNMENTS. If that doesn't happen, students will lose out on education. 

    2. Turn in the Remote Learning Attendance Form each day of Remote Learning. For students with last names starting A-K, that would be Monday, Thursday, and Friday. For L-Z, that would be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

    3. Reach out if you have questions! I cannot help if I don't know you need help! jmgruber@mcpsmt.org

    4. If you are ever in a Google Meet with teacher, or with other students, be respectful. Wait to be called on, be honest, and treat the experience with all the same dignity as an in-person classroom experience. 

    Google Classrooms:

    8th Grade Orchestra A-K

    8th Grade Orchestra L-Z

    8th Grade General Music

    7th Grade Orchestra A-K

    7th Grade Orchestra L-Z

    6th Grade Orchestra A-K

    6th Grade Orchestra L-Z 

    Remote Learning Attendance Form