• What do I do if I am absent or need help with classwork or homework?

    Here are the best ways to get your questions answered:


    Email me at hlagostinelli@mcpsmt.org to ask a question OR to arrange a Google Meet session where we can visit and I can answer your questions more thoroughly. I can even share my screen to show you specific items. For now, I'd like to plan these meet sessions with you on an individual basis. If there is more need later in the school year, or if we go into remote learning, I will plan specific days and times.

    1. Email Mrs. Agostinelli to ask questions or to set up a specific day and time to meet.

    2. For a Google Meet go to meet.google.com

    3. Click on the green button to Join a Meeting

    4. Type in the code: CSPAgostinelli

    5. I'll be there to answer questions.