• Welcome 4th Graders!

    Posted by Kelsey Walsh on 8/21/2020 3:56:00 PM

    August 20, 2020

    WELCOME to 4th Grade (almost)!  Things will be a little different to help us all stay safe, but I am so excited to get started and to be with you in the classroom.  Here are some things to know:

    What we are doing to stay safe:  You will be learning with approximately half of the class each day.  We will stay together with this small group - through lunch and recess and all other activities.  We will wash our hands often, wear masks, sanitize/wipe areas as needed, and social distance as much as possible.  We will also go outdoors regularly, we are fortunate to learn and live in a beautiful place! We will talk about what makes us stay safe from the first day of school, and build safety into our routines.  

    What will the remote days look like:  For the days you are not in class with me, you will receive work in reading, writing and math.  These will not be overly tech-dependent, so expect to take home writing journals, reading material/books, and math pages.  We are still determining how much and what it will look like.   We are looking to reinforce learnig and practice skills.

    Me, Mrs. McCann, formally known as Ms. Walsh;) ... Go check out my "Teacher Information" page!

    Schedule Information:   4th Grade begins at 8:25 and is released at 2:10, daily.

    Snacks/Allergies:  We will not be doing snack this year. 

    Curriculum:  You will learn and do many things this year!  I love the things we get to study, and I am ready to help you through it all.

    Math:  We will review addition and subtraction concepts with numbers up to one-million.  We will multiply and divide with large numbers.  With fractions, we will add, subtract and multiply.  We will explore decimal places, learn the metric system and study several things in geometry.  You will know prime numbers and factoring.

    English Language Arts:   We love to read! You will read a few books this year in class, some by yourself and others with a group.  We will read shorter selections, and leap into science/social studies texts.  Writing will take many forms – including daily journals and shorter writings, and you will publish a longer story, an opinion paper and a research paper.

    Science:  We will have fun and experiment with energy: light, sound, heat, electricity, motion and magnets.  We will also look at the structure of animals and plants, investigate adaptations, and investigate changes to our environment, including erosion, earthquakes, volcanoes and much more.

    Social Studies:   Our theme is the United States of America.  We will also cover Montana history and geography, as well as Lewis & Clark’s journey.   We will learn our 50 states and the regions into which they are divided.   

    I am very glad to have you in my class, excited to meet you all, and THRILLED to have some of you for the second time!!!

    All my best,

    Mrs. McCann

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