Messages from Mr. Miller

  • Message from Principal Miller: New Student Data System, August 11, 2021

    Hello HHS Community, 

    I hope you have all enjoyed a great summer. We are looking forward to seeing you very soon. As many of you know, we are going through a transition to a new Student Data Management System. MCPS will no longer be using “Q” and we are transitioning to a new program called Infinite Campus. Everything has gone well and we are in the final stages of the transition. I plan to send out a community-wide email early next week which will allow all of you (student login-ins) to view your schedules and request changes via Google Doc (online). The process will look very similar to what you were used to using in “Q”. We will also have a paper process for students/families unable to access accounts online. Thanks for your patience and look for an email Tuesday(ish) of next week. 

    Judson Miller 


    Principal's Message: April 23, 2021

    Hello Hellgate Community,

    I am very excited to write this email inviting all of you to start choosing potential courses for next school year. We have spent the past few months examining our programming and looking for ways to improve our great school. We will continue to offer a vast elective sequence, our IB Diploma Programme, IB courses and classes around the building, and a rigorous AP Program. Juggling these three entities is always a school-wide balancing act. Your selections matter and the courses you choose over the next two weeks will determine a lot of the classes we run in the fall.

    Right now, we are planning to run a 7-period schedule next year. The exact start/end times and periods in the day are still part of a daily conversation around our district. It is clear that we will be embracing a post- COVID world full of additional opportunities and a more “normal” school experience for all of our Knights. There is a lot of information that I am trying to distill in a concise way.

    Friday 4-23-21        Counseling Email outlining specifics
    Monday 4-26-21            Short video about process in classes
    Monday 4-26-21           “Q” opens/students can begin requesting courses
    Monday 5-10-21           “Q” closes and courses can no longer be selected
    Mid-August                 Student schedules are completed and viewable

    I recognize that this process looks differently this year and we were unable to provide the same service and parents nights we so value. We will be available over the next few weeks in classes and during lunches for individualized conversations about what courses may work best. We also have worked extensively with our departments to help provide guidance in specific areas of focus. We have added a variety of new classes and options in many areas. Please take your time; we do not schedule on a “first come first serve” basis. I encourage all of you to:

    Monday 4-26-21    Examine the course sheets and online catalog (website)
    Tuesday 4-27-21    Start asking questions of your content area teachers about next steps
    Wednesday 4-28-21    If you still have questions, seek out help from adults in the building
    Thursday 4-29-21    Think about options and take time examining your next year 
    Monday 5-3-21    Start entering your courses and filling out your sheets (counselor video)
    Monday 5-10-21    4:00 Window closes *make sure you get your selections complete*

    Hellgate High School is unique in so many ways. We are able to incorporate an enormous elective sequence with rigorous programs in both IB and AP while also providing academic assistance in a variety of subject areas. Creating a safe and welcome learning environment is our core mission and it takes a huge collaborative effort. Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to building an exciting experience for all of us next school year.

    Principal's Message: January 21, 2021

    Hello Hellgate Community, 

    It's hard to believe that we are finishing Semester 1 on Friday. I recognize that 2020 has been a huge educational challenge for all of you, our students, and our staff. I am proud of the work we have been able to accomplish despite our ever changing COVID landscape. The month of February will bring some additional modifications that I hope to outline in this email. 

    Second Semester starts 1-26-21. Please remember: 

    • Check Q for updated class schedule 

    • If you would like to change a class, please fill out the form below and we will look at availability. The form is open until 2-5-21. 

    • New Bell Schedule (see below) 


    Bell Schedule for all of Second Semester 

    • 1st: 10:00 (5 mins for announcements)-11:35 
    • Lunch: 11:35-12:15
    • 2nd: 12:20-1:50
    • 3rd: 1:55-3:30


    Counseling Team Changes 

    Our counseling team has changed for Second Semester. Right now Ms. Kolczak is working ½-time at HHS and Tracy Ledyard is filling in the other ½-time for the L-Q Alpha. The split workload is designated below. 


    Katie Boynton
    Last Names: A-E
    728-2400 X6054

    Ben Martin
    Last names: F-K
    728-2400 X6051

    Christine Kolczak
    Last Names: L-Q (Grades 11 and 12)
    728-2400 X6052

    Tracy Ledyard 
    Last Names L-Q (Grades 8,9, and 10)
    728-2400 X6062

    Jessica Buboltz
    Last Names: R-Z
    728-2400 X6053


    Week of January 25th, 2021

    • Monday - Remote Monday (Grading Term for Semester 1 Ends) 

    • Tuesday and Wednesday - Start of Semester 2/New Bell Schedule/Alpha Split 

      • A-K Periods 1-3

      • A-K Periods 1-3

    • Thursday and Friday -Start of Semester 2/New Bell Schedule/Alpha Split 

      • L-Z Periods 1-3

      • L-Z Periods 1-3


    Week of February 1st, 2021 - Week of March 5th, 2021 

    • Monday - Remote Monday Schedule (TBD) 

    • Tuesday - Friday

      • All students A-Z 

      • Periods 1-3 (for 5-weeks) 


    Week of March 8th, 2021 - April 23rd, 2021

    • Monday - Remote Monday Schedule (TBD) 

    • Tuesday - Friday

      • All students A-Z 

      • Periods 4-6 (for 6-weeks)