• Where can I find work?

    All work will be posted to Google Classroom under the "Online Learning" topic. 

    Students should check this regularly. If you need a classroom code, please email me. 

    Videos are uploaded regularly as tutorials.

    Daily Announcements

    Every day I will update a google document with news, clarifications, and announcements. This link can be found on google classroom under "daily announcements". This could be bookmarked to quickly check what students should be working on and what is coming up. 

    Internet/Technology Problems

    If you are having any problems completing any assignments due to lack of appropriate technology, internet access, or just general technology problems, please do not hesitate to reach out. All assignments done online can be modified for students to be able to complete them and receive feedback offline. 

    Week 1 Assignments

    Spanish 1

    1) 1 hour of verb conjugations (present tense review) online. 

    Spanish 2

    1) Story Map and submit on Google Classroom

    2) Story Book and submit through Classroom


    1) WOK presentations for 2 groups

    2) Discussion/Journal Response to presentations. 

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