• In 4th grade, we will be using Google Classroom for posting remote learning activities. Each classroom has its own unique Google Classroom code, please email me if you need the code! We will get students enrolled in our classes while they are in school so they can get the hang of navigating the page and asking questions. This will prepare them to be able to navigate Google Classroom independently while at home.

    The week of September 21, teachers will start posting work on Google Classroom for students to complete on their remote days. Please note that students will have to check BOTH Google Classroom pages, Ms. Chumrau and Maestra Corona’s page to make sure all their work gets done for the week! In class, we have practiced submitting documents, answering questions, leaving appropriate and relevant comments and filling out a Google Form. Students should know how to get into their Google Account and Google Classroom. Remind students that their email does not end in “@gmail.com.” Since their accounts are SCHOOL accounts, they will end in “@student.mcpsmt.org.” Once students are logged in, they can click the waffle icon (3x3 grid) and that will open all the options. From there, click on Google Classroom.

    Work to do at home will be posted under topics labeled by the week. Assignments under the weeks will not be organized by date, rather by “Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.” This is because our A groups and B groups have in-person school on different days. Students will find their work under the week they attended IN-PERSON. 

    Starting this week, this is the schedule student’s will follow. Students will do their ‘paper and pencil’ assigned work and as well as check Google Classroom on their “Remote Learning” days. Please note the schedules are different for Group A and Group B

    Group A schedule for the week of Sept. 21

    Tuesday- In person Sept 22

    Wednesday- In person Sept 23

    Thursday- Remote learning Day 1 Sept 24

    Friday- Remote learning Day 2 Sept 25

    Monday (of the next week)- Remote learning Day 3 Sept 28


    Group B schedule for the week of Sept. 21

    Thursday- In person Sept 24

    Friday- In person Sept 25

    Monday (of the next week)- Remote learning Day 1 Sept 28

    Tuesday (of the next week)- Remote learning Day 2 Sept 29

    Wednesday (of the next week)- Remote learning Day 3 Sept 30


    When students are in person, they will receive new ‘paper and pencil’ work, but from here on out, students are expected to check Google Classroom on ALL remote learning days to see if there is work to be done. Please note that for right now, students will not have an online assignment to do every day, they might only have a ‘paper and pencil’ assignment one day, and a ‘paper and pencil’ assignment and an online assignment another day! Some weeks might have more than others, but we want students to get into the habit of checking Google Classroom every day to make sure they don’t miss anything. 

    Thank you so much for supporting your learners at home!