• 3/30/20 Happy Monday! Welcome to Distance Learning for 4th grade at Chief Charlo. 

    Here is your first Distance Learning Schedule – Wk 1 – Make sure you read all the way to the bottom as there is some clarifying information at the end of the document. In addition, here is a document that has additional information and goes into more depth on the priorities and logistics of the tasks we are asking of our students.

    Please also check out 4th grade’s Distance Learning Info Video. Mr. Cashman explains more about the expectations and document we have created for our 4th graders.

    Finally, please remember that this is new and ever changing for all of us. Please reach out with any concerns or need for clarification. I can’t promise to have all of the answers at this point, but will do what I can to make this as minimally bumpy as possible 😊

    Stay safe and be well!

    3/26/20  Morning Message Also, check your email for information about your student attending a Zoom video conference with me today. 

    3/25/20  Here we go… Here’s my first attempt at a self video. 😊 Hopefully my video/acting skills will continue to improve. I would love to hear from you and (even see you too) if you want to send something back. I’m trying to set up a Zoom time for tomorrow for those of you who are interested in trying it out. If you can’t make it tomorrow, I will be setting up more times in the coming days.

    Enjoy https://youtu.be/ZwHOsVxbfbU

    Also, This afternoon Governor Bullock extended our school closure through Friday, April 10th.  The 4th grade teachers at Chief Charlo are working hard to create materials for you to continue learning and engaging at home, and I will send out directions to access these materials as soon as they go live.  We are planning to upload the next week’s material on Friday’s for the remainder of the closure (For example, materials for the week of 3/30-4/3 should become available this Friday the 27th).


    3/24/20  I've been thinking of each and every one of you throughout the course of this last week and wanted to check-in to see how you and your family have been holding up.  I'm eager to reconnect with you and your child, even if it's just for a quick hello over an email. I imagine you, too, have experienced a roller coaster of emotions, and the fun's not over yet. We are in the midst of unprecedented times and we will face these new challenges together.

    I'm looking into ways to keep us connected, whether that be through email, Zoom, or Google Meet. I’ve met with the teachers at Chief Charlo through Google Meet today and it was a new and interesting experience.

    I don't know a whole lot about what the next few weeks will look like yet, but expect to hear from me in the coming days about a plan! Mr. Cashman, Mrs. Stauffer, and I are creating some fun and interactive activities to send your way for next week.  Until then, continue to read, read, read, get lots of fresh air (use those naturalist skills to look for signs of spring!) and visit the educational websites offered on mcpsmt.org. In case you haven’t already checked them out

    This first link is a suggested schedule to maintain your child's daily routines and schedule.


    This second link is a suggested day to day plan for engagement, including learning links, writing prompts and more.  


    **Please let me know if your student has a device to learn from (computer or IPAD, NOT cell phone).**Possibly some group meetings and assignments will start next week for our kids! Please consider helping your student set-up his/her own learning space, complete with pencils, paper, and a place to sit distraction-free (ha!)

    In the meantime, please be well and take care of yourselves and families. Talk to you soon! (And PLEASE give your kiddo a big hug from me) I miss their smiling faces! 😊



    3/23/20 Hello everyone! We are embarking on a new adventure together - "At Home Learning". During this time of school closure, I am still working and still here for you and your kids.  Don’t think twice about sending me an email – do it!  I will do my best to answer questions, solve problems, whatever you need.  Reach out through an email and if you would like to talk over the phone, send me your number and I can make that happen too! 

    Thanks everyone, wash those hands and stay safe!