• Hey all-

    Wishing you well! This school year will be a new challenge for all of us, so  know we are all working through this together and can still make it a great year of learning.  

    Classes will be working through Google Classroom, which you will get to by clicking on your class tab on the left side of your screen(Algebra One or Senior Math Topics). Start by entering the class code that was given to you on the first day and sent to your email. All assignments and updates will be in the Google Classroom. 

    My priority has and will continue to be my relationships with students and how they relate to each other. With a good portion of the class being online, we will need to be creative, intentional, and supportive of each other as we create a healthy classroom environment. Regardless of your experience prior, this can be a great year in your math journey and I will be here to support (and challenge) you in that process.

    Unless you're not a human, you'll have some struggles and make some mistakes as you work through this time... as will I. If you notice anything from me that isn't working for you (links, video, hairdo), just send me an email and I will work to get it sorted out. 

Brian the Brain