• I will be sending home paper and pencil copies of all assignments. If your student misplaces or loses there hard copy I will also be posting the assignments on the google classroom. 

    I will be posting assingments to our Google Classroom. When your student is not at school I would like them to access the Google Classroom and complete the assignemnts I have posted. 

    To Access Google classroom:

    1. Students need to sign into google using their student email address. 

    2. Students need to go to google classroom. They can do this my going to the apps button in the right hand corner or just googling google classroom. 

    3. Sign into my google classroom (Most of the students have done this with me in class already) 

    4. You may need a code to join. My class code is a57gibo 

    These first few days I would like for you and your student to log in and become familiar with the site. I have posted some get to know you "assignments". 

    Once the class begins doing content lessons I will post all assignments to the google classroom and will be sending home a paper version as well. 

    You may notice that I have created a new Topic- or folder - in the classwork tab. This topic is called Old/Completed Work. In an attempt to streamline our classwork folder, as the class completes work either by turning in a hard copy or completing it digitally, that assignment will be moved to this folder. When you get onto the google classroom it may say that you have overdue work if your student has been turning in their hard copies and that may be confusing. However if that over due work is in the Old/Completed folder that means the entire class has completed that work and you do not have to worry about it. I hope this helps with any potential confusion.