• 1. Go to google.com

    2. In the right hand corner click "Sign In"

    3. Your account name is your chromebook login (28, first three letters of your last name, first three letter of your first name) with "@student.mcpsmt.org at the end. Here is an example for a student with the name John Smith: 28smijoh@student.mcpsmt.org

    Your password is the password you use to log onto the chromebooks at school.

    4. Then go to google classroom: http://classroom.google.com. If that link doesn't work you can look it up on google.

    5. Once you get to YOUR google classroom click the plus (+) symbol in the upper right corner. (Mrs. McTee's Fourth Grade 2019-2020)

    6. Click on "Join Class"

    7. Once you have joined, you can see your first assignment.  Your first assignment is to complete your letter of recommendation of Ms. Ahnen.