Online/Away From School Musical Resources

music clip art of a piano made out of music notes
  • Guide to Music Theory

    Shout out to Michelle and Maria for finding this helpful music theory resource! Good luck on your test :)

  • Benjamin Britten - Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

    This activity is good for all ages, teaching about the orchestra. What families are included, what they sound like, and more all through a cute, fun game.

  • Mighty Music Man

    Help Mighty Music Man deliver a piano by answering some music questions!

Vector illustration of a flowing staff
  • Music Flash Quiz

    This is a fun flash game quizzing students on musical terms.

  • Piano Resources

    Some awesome kids reached out to send me this resource. Check it out if you're a pianist! 
    Thanks, H & T!

  • Google Creatability

    Take some time to explore Google's super cool Creatability experiments. My personal favorite is the piano one.

  • Incredibox

    This is a cool way to create music using beat boxing. Explore through this page and try to make a song with a separate A and B section. If you can, try contrasting the sections so they are very different.

Music notes and a pair of headphones clip art
  • Chrome Music Maker

    Use Google Chrome's Music Maker to create your own song. Try using new instruments or making something using the notes C, D, E, G, and A.