Online/Away From School Musical Resources

music clip art of a staff
  • Benjamin Britten - Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
        - Link to piece
        - Link to game on Carnegie Hall's website

    This activity is good for all ages, teaching about the orchestra. What families are included, what they sound like, and more all through a cute fun game.

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  • Mighty Music Man

    Help Mighty Music Man deliver a piano by answering some music questions!

  • Music Flash Quiz

    This is a fun flash game quizzing students on musical terms.

  • Piano Resources

    Some awesome kids reached out to send me this resource. Check it out if you're a pianist! 
    Thanks, H & T!

  • Google Creatability

        Take some time to explore Google's super cool Creatability experiments. My personal favorite is the piano one :)

  • Incredibox

        This is a cool way to create music using beat boxing. Explore through this page and try to make a song with a seperate A and B section. If you can, try contrasting the sections so they are very different.

  • Chrome Music Maker

    Use Google Chrome's Music Maker to create your own song. Try using new instruments or making something using the notes C, D, E, G, and A. 

music clip art of a staff