• Monday and Wednesday - Health  / Tuesday and Friday - Physical Education

    1st Period (8:20-9:06)       8th Grade Health/P.E

    2nd Period (9:09-9:54)      8th Grade Health/P.E.

    3rd Period (9:57-10:42)    8th Grade W.I.N.

    4th Period (10:45-11:30)  Lunch

    5th Period (11:33-12:18)  Prep

    6th Period (12:21-1:06)    PLC

    7th Period (1:09-1:54)      8th Grade Math

    8th Period (1:57-2:42)      8th Grade Math (Co-Lab/ Mr. Hiday)

    9th Period (2:45-3:30)      8th Grade Health/P.E.

    Thursdays, the classes alternate every week between Health and P.E.