Out-of-District Tuition Information

  • Students who live outside of the MCPS elementary or secondary boundaries must pay out-of-district tuition fees to attend an MCPS school. 

    School Year Tuition

    • Full Day Kindergarten - Grade 8:  $1,213.21
    • Grades 9-12:  $1,539.21

    Steps to enroll out-of-district students: 

    1. Complete the Request for Out-of-District Enrollment form and return it to the Assistant Superintendent's Office, Administration Building A, 909 South Ave. West
    2. If space is available and the request has been approved, complete and sign the appropriate tuition agreement prior to completing enrollment paperwork with the school.  (See the “Forms” section below.)
    3. Turn in the completed tuition agreement to Tiffany Brown (K-8) or Lisa Coon (High School) in the MCPS Administration Building A located at 909 South Ave. West.
    4. Once the agreement is deemed complete, Tiffany or Lisa will immediately notify the applicable school that the tuition agreement is complete.
    5. The parent or guardian can now work with the school to complete enrollment paperwork for final consideration.


    Please note:

    No school-sponsored transportation is available to students that live outside of district boundaries; parents and/or students are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from school. 

    A student who lives outside of the District's boundaries and who has been suspended or expelled from another school district is not allowed to enroll in an MCPS school while still under the suspension or expulsion.  

    Tiffany Brown (K-8 Tuition)
    (406)728-2400, ext. 3027
    Lisa Coon (High School Tuition)
    (406)728-2400, ext. 3025