How to make up missing participation points.


    1. Using your current vocabulary list, make up a crossword puzzle using at least 10 vocabulary words. Your clues should be written in Spanish or they may be picture clues.  No English should be used.  Include an answer key.
    2. Go to and send an e-mail greeting card in Spanish to your teacher ( ), a friend, or a family member. (Make sure you choose the “gratis” [free] option!)  Write at least 3 sentences in Spanish to your teacher/friend/family member on the card.  You may only do this 2 times per quarter.
    3. Using at least 10 words from your current vocabulary list, write a 100 word story in Spanish. (you may do this assignment up to two times per nine weeks)
    4. Using your current vocabulary list make a TYPED word search which contains at least 10 vocabulary words. The clues should be pictures rather than words.  Make sure to include an answer key as well as the puzzle.
    5. Draw 5 pictures in a story format and under each picture write at least 2 Spanish sentences which describe the picture.
    6. Take a story that we have learned in class and re-write it from a different perspective. (For example, yo form, ellos, tú, nosotros, etc…)  Make sure you make all the necessary changes for the new perspective!  You may do this assignment as many times as you wish but must use a different story each time and may not use the same perspective twice in a nine-week period.
    7. Take a story that we have done in class and write a different ending to it. Change what happens…write at least 100 words.  (Briefly mention what the story is in English so I know.)
    8. Write 20 original sentences in Spanish using the current vocabulary list.
    9. Draw an original comic strip (at least 4 boxes) and write the script for it in Spanish (at least 40 words). It should be clever and amusing just like the Sunday comics!
    10. Cut out a comic strip (you may do more than one to get up to 50 words from the newspaper). White out or cut out the English and make your own Spanish comic.  (At least 50 words in Spanish)
    11. Illustrate a story that we have done in class (at least 6 squares per story.).
    12. Take one of the stories that we have done in class, draw it in 6 squares, and then tell a parent, guardian or teacher the story just looking at your pictures without using any written notes. Have that person write a note saying you told them the story without reading it.
    13. Watch a movie or series in Spanish. You must have a parent signature stating that you watched the entire movie in Spanish with English subtitles.  You may only do this 2 times per quarter.
    14. Come up with your own idea for making up the day. You must pre-approve your idea with me before you do it as make up.
    15. com Do at least four 5 minute activities and send the results to me.  The scores must be 80% or higher to count.
    16. Using the Akinator ap , choose 5 different people and play 20 questions. Write down who your famous people were and at least 2 questions that the Akinator asked plus a parent signature saying you did the activity to receive credit.
    17. Using the Duolingo app, practice the current grammar concept. Have a parent sign that you practiced for at least 20mins. 
Last Modified on September 4, 2019