• Welcome to First Grade!

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 8/28/2021

    We are going to have a wonderful year together! 

    I will meet you outside the North entrance on Tuesday, August 31 at 8:15am. I can't wait to see all of you!

    Please bring a water bottle to school each day.


    Mrs. Stemple 

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  • Halloween is Happening!

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 10/19/2020

    When: We celebrate Halloween at Russell on October 28 th and 30 th . This allows both A and B Day students to have an opportunity to celebrate.

    Costumes: We are allowing students to wear costumes. The change this year is that we are asking students to arrive ALREADY IN COSTUME. This is for safety reasons. We do not want students mixing with cohorts as they change in the restroom. Please no costumes that depict violence, weapons, or anything that would be scary for a 5-year old. Masks and anything that covers the face are not permitted as part of costumes, as students will be required to wear their usual masks for school. We want this to be a fun and safe day for everyone, so thank you for your help in ensuring this!

    We also ask you to avoid obtrusive costumes, or costumes that make it difficult to sit at a desk or on the carpet. Examples would include inflatable costumes or costumes with bulky cardboard components. Costumes should fit over clothing in case your student wants to take it off during the day.

    We ask that students do not bring any outside food or drink (with the exception of cold lunch). This is to prevent sharing.

    We will be compiling pictures in a slide show, and will be sharing with families in the days following the celebration. Of course, pictures will not be taken of your child if you have signed the photo opt-out form.

    As always, if you have questions about our Halloween celebration don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you!

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  • Virtual Parent Meeting Tonight

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 9/3/2020 2:35:00 PM

    Please plan to meet with me on Zoom for our virtual Back to School Parent meeting. The meeting will take place tonight from 6:30-7:00pm. 

    I have sent an email with the meeting code and password. There is also a note that was attached to your child's backpack and in their homework folder with the meeting information. 

    See you soon!
    Mrs. Stemple 

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  • 1st Grade Item Pick Up

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 6/6/2020

    Please plan on swinging by school to pick up your bag of 1st grade items. Each student has a bag that includes an awesome scrapbook of our time together. You can stop by anytime on Monday June 8 between 10am and 2pm or from 5pm to 7pm. I'll be there distributing items to all students and would love to see you!!

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  • Watch your mailbox for a note about next year!

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 5/27/2020 2:20:00 PM

    Hey First Graders,

    Check your mailbox and mark your calendars! You will soon find out who your second grade teacher will be!

    You will receive a letter from your second grade teacher by Monday, June 1st.  Then, you will have the opportunity to join your new classmates and teacher for a Zoom call on Wednesday, June 3rd @ 10:30am!

    I emailed the Zoom meeting information to you on Wednesday May 27. 


    Mrs. Stemple 

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  • Keep Working Hard!

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 5/6/2020

    Hi First Grade Families, 

    I'm proud of the remote learning that you do each and every day! Thank you for making sure to complete an ELA, math, and specials lesson each day. Some of you have been sharing your work with me though pictures. I love getting pictures of your work emailed to me! 

    We still have six weeks of school left and we can't give up yet. You have worked very hard to build stamina and skills. Keep your brains sharp!

    I am very lucky to be your teacher!


    Mrs. Stemple 

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  • Parent Survey

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 4/16/2020

    Thank-you for working diligently to make sure that your first graders are completing three lessons each day. We expect our students to finish one ELA (English Language Arts - reading, writing, phonics), one math, and one specials lesson. I appreciate all of the hard work going into making sure this happens. As always, please reach out to me if you need any help, need clairification, or find a mistake that I've made. 

    This week Mr. Halloran sent out a parent survey for you to complete. Please take a couple of minutes to do that quick questionairre. The information will help us navigate the uncharted territory that is distance learning.

    Give your kiddos a big PANDA hug from me! I'm missing them like crazy. 


    Mrs. Stemple



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  • Happy Montana Day!

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 4/6/2020

    Today is Montana Day because it is the 6th day of the 4th month so it is "406". Montana only has one area code because of our relatively small population and many people call our state by our area code. Happy Montana Day!

    Please email me to let me know that you have received the learning packet that was mailed to you last week. My email address is:


    There is a new learning menu up on the Remote Learning site of the Russell School website. Please encourage your child to do one ELA (English Language Arts), one math, and one specials lesson each day. Remember that these lessons should not cause any stress to you or your child. This is a highly stressful time and please don't add to that burden with the school work. Please reach out to me if you need any kind of support! 

    Tomorrow at 10:30am we will have Show'n Tell at our Zoom meeting. I will resend the meeting code in an email message to you.

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing to get through this time! 

    Very Sincerely,

    Amy Stemple 




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  • Freckle

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 4/1/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Hi First Graders and Families,

    Here is another fun thing to add to your learning opportunities. I just signed us up for a program called Freckle. I sent an email with directions attached and you can start to play and learn. Simply log in, use the class code, and your first name and last initial to log in.

     I will "SEE" you tomorrow on Zoom at 10:30am.

     I miss you, Mrs. Stemple


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  • Better Links

    Posted by Amy Stemple on 3/30/2020 7:05:00 PM

    This is a better link to the information page:

    Remote Learning Information

    Here is the link for the Remote Learning Menu:

    1st Grade Learning Menu March 30-April 3

    Thanks for being patient with me through this new way of teaching and learning.




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