• 2H-News

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 3/5/2020

    Greetings, 2H Families! 

    What a busy past few weeks we’ve had….. Many highlights are listed below:

    • Miss Lulu taught us about atom particles in matter through dance.
    • We continue to ungroup multi-digit subtraction equations. Thank you for all of your subtraction support at home.
    • We read a non-fiction piece on natural disasters in ELA this week. Please ask your student about sinkholes. We think they are very bizarre!
    • We wrote narratives using the characters from Earth Dragon Awakes. I'll share the writing process that was followed and the final mini-story that your student created.
    • We had a special art lesson this week. Please ask your student about their project.
    • We watched a performance called, “The 2 Gentleman of Verona”, presented by Montana Shakes!! It was super entertaining!!


    • Next Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I’ll be holding parent-teacher conferences. Thank you for signing up for a conference time. I look forward to meeting up with you once again.
    • Thursday the 12th: We have filled our Marble Jar once again & will celebrate by choosing 1 special toy (and affiliated pieces) to bring to school. We’ll set aside 45 minutes to play, share, and explore the various toys. Please leave electronic devices at home & remember to bring toys that you are willing to let others play with too. Way to go 2nd graders!! I appreciate you!
    • We have early dismissal on Thursday @ 11:05 to allow for conferences.
    • Friday there is NO SCHOOL district wide.
    • Please remember that our official spring break will be held March 16th-20th. It will be great to have all students back on the 23rd.

    Wishing you a happy March!!           Mrs. Harris

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  • February Tidbits.....

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 2/20/2020


    The month of February is flying by quickly……

    Upcoming Choir Concert-(directed by Ms. Gibson)                                        2nd & 3rd grade students will combine to present, “Where the Wild Things Are”.  The concert will be held in the gym on February 26th from 2:15-2:45.  Please look for the concert flier in your child’s Thursday mail.  We hope you’re able to join in on the fun.                                                                   

    We wrapped up our novel, “The Earth Dragon Awakes”.  Please ask your child to share a few details from the end of the novel.

    We’re working hard to anchor our understanding of 3 digit subtraction equations.  

    Ms. Dacia visited us once again & read a wonderful story called, “Coyote in Love with a Star”. Please ask your student what happens when Coyote leaves his home on a Potawatomi reservation to find work in New York City.

    Earlier this month, Farmer Lori visited and taught us about the complexity and intelligence of bees.   Ask your child to tell you why bees are so vitally important to our ecosystem and the food we eat. 

    Parent Teacher Conferences will be held March 10th, 11th, 12th.  I’ll send an email with sign up opportunities next week. I’m looking forward to visiting and sharing your child’s progress and successes once again.

    All the best,     Mrs. Harris

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  • February Fun......

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 2/6/2020

    Greetings, 2nd Grade Families 

    Here is the latest from our classroom:


    • We’re 2 weeks into our new novel study. It's called The Earth Dragon Awakes. It's the story of two families who survived the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Please ask your student about the following characters in the story. (Henry, Chin, Mr. & Mrs. Travis, Ah Sing, Ah Quon, Sawyer)
    • Shannon Murphy, a Rattlesnake parent, visited & taught us about fire ecology last week through the use of an interactive felt-board story.  
    • Tomorrow marks our 100th day of school. We’ll engage in several activities centered around the number 100.
    • We are getting really good at regrouping our subtraction equations. Please ask your child to show you how they solve the following subtraction equations.
    •    85 - 33=       100 - 47=   
    •    92 - 47=       200 - 69=                                                                                     

     Other Announcements

    • Where the Wild Things Are” choir concert, presented by Ms. Gibson, will be held February 26th from 2:15-2:45 in the gym. We hope you can join us!!
    • Please remember there is NO school February 10th (teacher in-service day) AND the 17th (President’s day)
    • Please feel free to send in Valentines beginning Tuesday the 11th.
    • We will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a class party beginning @ 2:15.

    Wishing you a Happy February!!        Mrs. Harris


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  • February News.....

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 1/23/2020

    Greetings, 2nd Grade Families 

    Here is the latest from our classroom:

    • We finished our unit on measurement today. Highlights of this unit included: cm. and in. measurement, geometric shapes, and plot graphs. 
    • We are reading about amazing kids who have made positive changes in the world. They are inspiring us to be change-makers in our own community. Please ask me about the following 2 books- “Change Makers” and “City Green”.
    • We finished writing biographies and began presenting them this week. Ask your kiddo who they wrote their biography about.
    • Miss Dacia came in last week & taught us all about moccasins. We learned about their history and significance in native cultures and we even got to touch and feel various types of moccasins. 
    • Last week, Farmer Lori visited us for the 3rd time. She shared a great lesson on wheat. All students were given the opportunity to grind up wheat seeds, plus Farmer Lori gave everyone a sample of bread to wrap-up the lesson.                                                                            
    • Miss Lulu visited us Monday for creative movement. She incorporated solids, liquids & gases into her lesson. Pretty fun!!
    • FINALLY, tomorrow marks out 90th day of school….. This is our official half-way point of 2nd  Wow!! Thank you for all of your at home help this year.  Extra reading at night & additional math practice sure helps to advance our kiddos.  I truly appreciate it!!   Sherrie H. 




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  • Happy New Year!!

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 1/10/2020

    Dear Families,

    I hope the New Year has started out "Just Right" for your family!!  We've had a great start to our 2020 portion of the year. Hooray!! 

    A few highights:

    We started our unit on Measurement & Geometric Shapes. This unit is so much fun!

    We earned another marble jar celebration- Way to go 2nd graders! We will celebrate by having a PJ day/game time opportunity in the classroom on Thursday the 16th. Students are encouraged to bring their favorite game to share with the class.  (Chess, Operation, Twister, Guess Who, etc) We'll carve out 45 minutes to play and enjoy the many fun games. 

    We wrote our 2nd official "opinion piece" describing our favorite season. We focused on reasons why we chose this season. When all opinion papers were complete, we scattered the papers around the room & "walked about", reading & enjoying each other's work. It was fun to hear all of the compliments shared. We have awesome writers in 2-H....  

    Stay warm & enjoy the snowy season......  

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  • 2-H Tidbits.......

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 12/18/2019

    It’s crazy how 2020 is upon us. We’ve cruised through 75 days of school and are excited to continue lots of “great learning” after winter break.


     End of December Highlights……

    • We wrapped up our study of 2-digit addition with regrouping. Please look for your child’s unit test in Thursday mail. After winter break, we will dive into measurement, geometry, and graphing.
    • We had the best time designing & floating boats in science. We will continue our study of matter after winter break and will focus on reversible & irreversible change.

    Classroom bonuses:                                                                                       Miss Lulu came and reinforced the states of matter through creative movement.

    Miss Dacia came in and taught us all about Inuit cultures this week.


    Winter Season Celebration: On Friday, December 20th, we will celebrate the season by wearing pajamas and bringing a favorite seasonal book. We plan to gather around the "fire" (on the screen :) and share holiday stories with one another. 

    • A quick heads up: Our 2nd Grade Music Concert, hosted by Ms. Gibson, will be held on February 26th (1-1:30) in the gym.
    • Rattlesnake’s Box Tops competition will be from January 20-February 7th. See more information on our school web page. 

    Take care & have a wonderful break with your sweet children.  

    Mrs. Harris


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  • 2-H News

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 12/6/2019

    Greetings, 2nd Grade Families! 

    Here's the latest from our classroom:

    • This week, we read a biography of Theodore Roosevelt. We practiced asking questions as we read and we learned to use text features to better understand facts and information from the text. Ask your child about Teddy's life and the impact he has had on our country.
    • We worked on spelling and reading singular and plural words. (Changing shelf & berry into plural form can be tricky.)
    • We continued to work on 2-digit addition with regrouping and we continued to practice adding money.
    • We finished Popper’s Penguins as our class read aloud. So fun!!
    • Next week, we will practice writing opinion pieces with several supporting details. We will use the book, Red Parka Mary as the focus.
    • We will also continue our solids & liquids science unit by designing, building, and testing boats created from 5 different solids. Details to come…….
    • Winter Season Celebration: On Friday, December 20th, we will celebrate the season by wearing pajamas and bringing a favorite seasonal book. We plan to gather around the "fire" (on the screen :) and share holiday stories with one another.  
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  • End of November News.......

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 11/21/2019

    2-H News……..

    Happy almost Thanksgiving!!  Next week we will hold school Monday & Tuesday only.  Enjoy the 27th- Dec. 1st with family & friends.  When we return, I’m excited to round out 2019 with continued learning right up until our December break.

    I sure enjoyed visiting with you about your kiddos during conferences last week. It’s always fun to get to know all “my” families.    

     Additional news: 

    • Ms. Chumrau will be finishing up her classroom teaching experience very soon. She will officially be a U of M graduate before the end of December! We’ve sure enjoyed her pep, awesome teaching skills, and extra classroom help.  Lily’s last day will be December 5th. We’ll wrap up her time with us with a little celebration on this day.
    • We appreciate you Ms. Chumrau!!                                               
    • This week we started a science unit centered around “Solids & Liquids”. To kick off the unit, we sorted solids using the following properties: rough, smooth, rigid, soft, flexible, colored, transparent, pointed, hard, and flat. We’ll continue this unit throughout December. 
    • We read a silly story called I Wanna Iguana where the main character Alex is writing letters to try to convince his mom to let him get a pet iguana. In this book, students were challenged to identify supporting evidence, character traits, and compare different structures of stories. Today we also started some letter writing. We were looking at the different parts of a letter and how to write persuasively to convince a reader of a point we are trying to make.
    • Miss Dacia, our Native American storyteller taught us about the history of gratitude in Native cultures.
    • There will be no homework next week. Have a wonderful holiday! 


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  • November update.......

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 11/7/2019

    2-H News……..

    Holy Cow…..  tomorrow marks our 50th day of school together. Before we know it, it’ll already be Thanksgiving Break.  A BIG thanks to all families for signing up for a conference time.  It’s always great to get together and celebrate success and to also focus on what’s to come in your child’s academic year.   

    Please have fun sharing the following talking points with your student.

    • Kelso’s Choice Wheels & how we use them to help solve “Little Problems”     
    • Adding 2 digit # equations using “Quick Draws” and the “Show all Totals Method” We’ll continue 2 digit addition all through the month of November & will learn additional strategies to solve. It’s awesome when students are able to anchor around 2 strategies that they feel super confident using.
    • After careful modeling & practice, all students created an independent mini story that I’ll share with you during our fall conference. All students used story idea charts, temporal word sheets, and student rubrics to create their final independent mini story. They are so good, I can’t wait to share them……

    Final Tidbits………..

    During conferences next week (13-14th) our librarian will host a book fair. Please stop by for awesome holiday ideas.

    Finally, on Thursday the 14th, we have an extra early out scheduled.  We will dismiss @ 11:05 so that conferences can take place.  Also, Friday the 15th is an “All District” day off. Therefore, there is NO school on Friday.

    Wishing you a very happy rest of the week & I’ll see you soon……

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  • End of October tidbits.......

    Posted by Sherrie Harris on 10/29/2019

    2-H News……..

    Wow, October is almost complete & our school year is well on it’s way! I’m so pleased with our daily routine & how much effort your kiddos are putting forth so far this year.

    Please enjoy reading & visiting with your student about our classroom highlights below.

    • We learned to make comparisons in our writing by using facts to point out similarities and differences.  Focus book: Friends Around the World
    • We identified characters & their response to major events in the story. Focus book: Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday
    • We practiced identifying past, present & future events. Focus book: A Chair for my Mother
    • Our phonics focus has been on digraphs (sh,wh,ch,th,ph)  and “R” controlled words For example: (orbit, store, chart, flatter)
    • Creative Movement:                                          Focus: Lifecycles……..  Miss Lulu helped us dance through the stages of a frog’s metamorphosis. She also had the kids develop creative movements to represent “The Water Cycle” -evaporation, condensation, precipitation & accumulation.
    • We finished our first unit in math. Hooray!! You’ll see your child’s math test in Thursday mail. I’m certainly pleased with our overall ability to make meaning of story problems & to choose a strategy to solve.
    • Current math update: Please ask your child to explain how we use “Secret Code Cards” & how to make a “Quick Draw”. 
    • Math tubs: Please ask your child which math activities he/she has chosen to give a try/work on.

    Final Tidbits………..

    **Please look for my classroom email inviting you to sign up for a conference time in November.

    **We had a fun “printing” Art Lesson w/ Mrs. Thompson this past Monday.

    **Please take a look at Ms. Gibson’s website soon to see what’s happening musically at Rattlesnake School.


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