Safety Review for Drivers, Pedestrians, Bicyclists, Bus

  • We know this information is repetitive for many but as we are trying to create a safer place for our students and families please give your family a 'refresher' by reviewing the tips below.  If you have additional helpful tips or links we could post here, please send to  Here are a few safety tips to review.

    Drop Off & Pick Up Zone

     The Drop Off & Pick Up zone is the white curbed marked area located on Gerald Avenue and on Hastings Avenue.  To avoid congestion and incidents, drivers please:

    • Follow the instructions of our Safety Team and posted signage.
    • Students exit and/or enter car CURB SIDE at the top of the pick-up zone, by the helper and #1 sign. This prevents cars pulling out unexpectedly or at the same time. The process may take longer at first but it prevents accidents and the process should run smoothly as good habits prevail. The lane next to the zone is for driving through. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD OFF OR PICK UP FROM THIS LANE. 
    • Ensure backpacks are kept in the seat with student so they can exit quickly in the Go! zone at Drop Off.
    • This zone is used for students who can enter and exit the car independently.
    • Communicate with your child to meet at pick up zone at "x" time – this gives them time to get out of class and avoids the need to circle the block.
    • Playdates are arranged by parking and walking to the school yard and not in the pick-up zone.
    • Use your signal and always do a shoulder check to ensure it is safe to pull out of drop off/pick up zone.
    • Drivers please don't use your cell phone in the zone.
    • Drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times, and be prepared to move forward in the lane as space permits.
    • Parent and driver cooperation, courtesy and patience help to make student drop-off and pick-up times safe and efficient for all. 

    Pedestrian Safety

    If you WALK to school, the old adage stands true: Stop, Look and Listen before crossing.


    • Find the crosswalk then stop. (If there is no crosswalk, cross at the intersection, not mid-block.)
    • Stand on the pavement near the curb.


    • Give yourself time to look all around.
    • Make sure you can see if any vehicles or bikes are approaching. 
    • Making eye contact with the driver so they see you waiting.
    • Before you step onto the road stop, look left, right, and left again, while listening for approaching cars or cyclists


    • Listen carefully.  Sometimes hear traffic before you can see it. But remember, with electric/hybrid cars you can't always hear them!
    • Never cross the road while chatting to friends, or using cell phone.
    • When it is safe to cross, walk straight across the road in the crosswalk. Do not walk diagonally and don't run across the street. Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross.

     For Safe Routes to school, please visit Safe Routes to School

    Bicycle Safety

    If you bike to school:

    • Wear a properly-fitted helmet.
    • Go With the Traffic Flow. Ride on the right which is in the same direction as other vehicles.
    • Obey All Traffic Laws. A bicycle is a vehicle and you're a driver.
    • Bike riders should know how to use hand signals. These are used to let car drivers know what a bicyclist plans to do. Hand signals include:
      • Left turn: Left arm extended straight out
      • Right turn: Left arm bent up at the elbow, or right arm extended straight out
      • Stopping: Left arm bent down at the elbow
    • Stay Alert at All Times.
    • Before pulling into the street at an intersection, a bike rider should always:
      • Stop, look left, look right, and look left again.
      • Look back and yield to any traffic coming from behind.
    • Bike riders should always watch for cars coming out of driveways, parking spaces, and parking lots.
    • Please walk your bikes through crosswalks.
    • Watch for Parked Cars and doors opening.
    • For more Bike Safety for Kids, visit

    Driving in School Zone

    Please follow the rules of the road and be a courteous driver when you are driving within our school zone or around town.

    • It is important for parents and guardians to set the example for children by using marked crosswalks and following walking, bicycling and driving protocols.
    • No double parking.
    • Buckle up!
    • Watch and stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, and watch for bicyclists.
    • Have your child exit the car on the curb side at a crosswalk (or intersection if no crosswalk).  Do not park on the opposite side of the street and have your child cross mid-block. 
    • Drive slowly in the school zone.
    • Come to a full stop at stop signs (note the NEW stop signs on Gerald and Evans and also, Hastings and Gerald.)
    • Park in designated areas only. Paxson's pick up and drop off zone is not for parking. Do not park in Yellow Zones.
    • Keep our neighbors’ driveways clear.
    • U-turns are dangerous in school zones, please circle the block if needed.
    • o not park in blue curb handicapped zones unless you have a permit. 
    • Protect our lungs working within the school, if you arrive early and park, turn off your car engine to reduce the harmful emissions.

    Bus Safety

    • Full size busses will drop off and pick up on Higgins Ave (3:30 pick up will be on Hastings so later pick up kids can see the bus from the playground).
    • Riders will exit the bus and walk down the sidewalk towards the school entry doors on Hastings or onto the playground to their class lines (depending on arrival time).
    • Crossing guard will remain on the Hastings crosswalk to assist in safe crossing and usher students towards the playground and/or Hastings entry doors.
    • Mini busses will still pick up and drop off on Hastings.
    • Review the bus safety guidelines from Beach Transportation