• Book clubs, learning walks, coaching cycles, and new teacher meeting oh my!

    Posted by Joy Brooke on 11/1/2019 9:00:00 AM

    So much has happened in the first quarter and specifically in the month of October to help our students and teachers grow here at C.S. Porter! 

    Our book club on Mindset by Carol Dweck began October 21st and will continue into November. There are over 18 teachers reading and discussing their thinking with one another in the blended learning environment of the Google Classroom. If you want to learn more about Mindset here is a recent article written about it! https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-a-mindset-2795025

    As teachers are reflecting on their own mindsets, they are also thinking about how it affects student learning in the classroom. Great work C.S. Porter educators!

    Our learning walk occurred on Oct. 23rd with over 13 of our teachers participating! There were over 7 teachers who hosted other educators in their room to see student learning and instructional practices in action and 6 teachers who participated in the actual focused driven learning/observing of our amazing student and educators here at C.S. Porter. So much great learning and teaching happening. Below are some quotes from teachers about this learning walk experience. 

    "I am always amazed at what other teachers are doing in their classrooms. It inspires me to improve. I found some specific techniques/strategies that I would like to use in my classroom."
    "It helped me grow by knowing I am not the only one that needs more time for the students to finish assessments."
    "I learned how to give some direct instruction on annotating text."
    "It helped me by being able to witness how other teachers run their classroom. I enjoyed being able to see how other ELA teachers set up their room."
    Our next learning walk is scheduled for December 2nd! 
    As far as past student center coaching cycles that were completed great student learning happened in Ms. Vallejo's 6th grade class. For example during the 2-3 week mini-cycle, 9% of students went from meeting the target of finding the area of a triangle to 64%. In the other beginning of the year mini-cycle with the 7th Grade Math Team, Ms. Briner and Ms. Eisenzimer really focused on the mathematical practice "Students will construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others" as they launched the newly adopted Carnegie Math Curriculum which calls for collaborative and math discourse. Interesting discoveries were made around learning targets and they focused on the learning target of making eye contact which increased as they strategically integrated mini-lessons and student self-reflection during daily math lessons. This will be an ongoing focus throughout the year.
    The current formal student-center coaching cycles include the 7th Grade ELA Team, Ms. Hammitt, Mr. Strothman, and Ms. Agostinelli and 6th Grade ELA teacher Ms. Canter. The goal for students in 7th grade is to be able to make a claim and be able to cite this claim with text evidence. They have been reading "A Long Walk to Water" and also have integrated a service learning project into the planning of their work. Now that they are writing their end of unit literary analysis we are seeing them apply this goal daily as they create "quote sandwiches" in their writing. 
    Ms. Canter's goal she wanted for her students was around helping her students be able to identify a theme in a literary/informational text and be able to cite evidence to support that theme. An example of great progress with the students involves an exit slip assessment where only 14% of students identified the theme and then after adapting instructional strategies and reteaching in a different way 86% of students were able to identify theme. This is great progress!
    Another great celebration was meeting with our teachers new to Porter this year during our coffee hour this month. We will be doing this each month to touch base and support our colleagues who may be new to our school, district, and even Montana area. 
    I am grateful this past month for the teachers who show up every day and continue to want to learn and grow for their students. I am also so impressed with the learning that goes beyond the goals, learning targets, standards... the social and emotional learning that occurs when I see teachers listening to students, inviting them in for lunch, getting them extra support, and even just giving them a snack. My greatest learning this past quarter is that I am surrounded by incredible professionals who will do anything and everything to help students succeed. With educators like these working with our students anything is possible.
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  • Beginning of the year Mini-Cycles

    Posted by Joy Brooke on 9/25/2019 9:25:00 AM

    I have been coaching in two math classes these first weeks of school. 

    I  have been working with Ms. Vallego in her 6th grade Math Class. 

    Our student center coaching model allows me to collaborate with the teacher to help students meet goals aligned with standards and also create learning targets for students. 

    Learning Targets:

    I will be able to model and use the distributive property.

    I will be able to determine the area of triangles.

    I will be able to determine the area of quadrilaterals. 

    I will be about to determine the area of complex figures.


    I have also been working with Ms. Briner and Ms. Eisenzimer in a student centered coaching cycle.

    Our learning targets have been focused on the mathematical standard that students will construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

    Learning Targets:

    I can take turns to share ideas.

    I can listen to each others’ ideas.

    I can affirm, disagree, or clarify points made.

    I can stay on the topic throughout the discussion.

    I can make eye contact with others.

    This will be an ongoing practice throughout the year to lift discourse and math talk.


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Mrs. Joy Brooke

Phone: 728-2400 ext. 4650


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Educational Studies, University of Oregon M.A. Educational Policy and Management, University of Oregon Ed. D. Education Leadership, Seattle University National Board Certified Teacher

Mrs. Joy Brooke

Hi there!

 I am so grateful to be part of the C.S. Porter community. I look forward to helping our students grow into learners who are critical thinkers and good human beings. Since I was in Kindergarten I wanted to be a teacher. I have been a classroom teacher in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. I have also been an Associate Principal abroad at an American Internation School in Quito, Ecuador and a Principal in Livingston. Montana. My passion lies in helping students succeed and giving ALL students the opportunity to better themselves and better the world. Excellent instructional leadership helps this happen in a school and so I am so thrilled to be the Instructional Coach here at C. S. Porter. When I am not teaching and learning in the classroom I am teaching and learning from my own kiddos! I am a proud mom of a 7th grader and a 5th grader. We are so happy to be in Montana and be Missoulians, a community dear to our heart, where we have lots of close family, and where my husband grew up. 

My Vision of Coaching

I serve teachers, students, administrators and the community to empower them to take learning risks. Focusing on students and their learning is the best way to empower others to take risks. This is hard work and it takes a lot of effort. Student learning is worth it and it is all about the "WE".

Guiding Principles

No matter what I do, I hold myself responsible to these guiding principles:

  1. Put kids first: they are the reason I am here, to help them learn.
  2. Listen: I listen more than I talk. Learn about the other person/people.
  3. Ask Questions: Seek first to understand by asking questions.
  4. Collaborate: Work with others, learn about and bring in a different perspective.
  5. Act: If something should be done, do it or help do it.
  6. Be Positive: Look for the good in what is happening, presume positive intent.

Student Centered Coaching Defined

Student centered coaching is....
  • an opportunity for me and you to work in a partnership.
  • guided by learning targets based on the standards.
  • deciding instructional strategies based on student evidence.


Student centered coaching is not...

  • evaluation.
  • me telling someone what to do.
  • a "fix the teacher" mentality.

There will be four main coaching rounds throughout the year where I will be in cycles with one to a team of teachers at at time. During this time I look forward to setting goals, aligning standards, setting student targets, planning, co-teaching, and assessing besides these teachers and teams as a partner. Along with formal coaching cycles I can do mini cycles, micro-modeling, help with resources, and lead professional development. I am grateful to working with a strong administrative team and aligning this coaching work with our school improvement plan and professional development plan and a very skillful staff who welcomes me into their classrooms to improve student learning for all. Go Porter!

Joy Brooke, Ed. D.

Title 1 Instructional Coach