GMM Student Wellness Nutrition Group

  • Good nutrition promotes the healthy growth and development of children. Schools are in a unique position to encourage healthy eating among students. Schools provide an array of foods and drinks throughout the school day, including breakfast and lunch, snacks, and celebrations. Any time students eat and drink in school is an opportunity to teach healthy choices and behaviors. The USDA Smart Snack Rule, which took effect July 2014, recognize this teaching opportunity. In compliance with the rule, vending machines, snack bars, school stores, and other venues that sell food and beverages to students will now offer healthier foods and limit junk foods. We are promoting new procedures that would move MCPS schools to gold standard best practices for a healthy nutrition environment. To learn more Contact Rebecca Morley at 258-3827 or

GMM Student Wellness Council Logo with green figure holding up an orange sun.
MCPS Staff member Ed Christensen speaking to students about nutrition.
View of a fully stocked salad bar.