Remote Learning Homework

  • Dear Parents,

    Your student’s Remote-Learning Folder contains all the assignments your child needs to complete during remote learning days.  Once the assignments are completed, put them back in the Remote-Learning Folder and have your child return it to school on their next school day.

    Assigments for the week of September 7th:

    Handwriting: Mi Librito de Escritura a Mano

    Practice writing the letters Ch/ch, Dd, and Ee.  Remember all letters start at the dot.  Please use your best handwriting and do not rush.

    Math: First Grade mathematics booklet

    Addition to 10 and word problems: pages 7-11. 

    Read to Self (30 min. per day):

    Practice syllable fluency using the enclosed fluency ladders (1A-4A).

    Please review the books in Spanish from last week plus a new one we have added. These books are theirs to keep. Do not forget to read books in English, too J.


    Do only the pages with the stamp on the top right corner. Don’t go ahead. 

    If you have any questions, let me know.