Spartan Basketball Philosphy

  • Mission Statement:

    To create a successful atmosphere that will produce quality student-athletes by preparing them for life skills such as dedication, discipline, team-building, and perseverance.

    The Four Parts of Being a Spartan Basketball Player:

    1. Commitment to Loyalty
      • Goals: Focus on the daily tasks. “How are you becoming a better athlete each day?”
      • Set the example. (Games, practice, workouts, lifting, conditioning)
      • Teach the younger kids how to be successful
      • Find your motivation and learn how to motivate others.
      • Create a culture of ONE team and ONE goal.
    2. Execution
      • Offense- Run with a purpose and understand it, and not just go through the motions.
        • Understand the objective of the offense.
        • Know how to handle unusual situations.
        • Proper cuts, reads, passes, and ability to know when to penetrate.
      • Defense- This will determine who we are as a program and as individuals.
        • Hustle, desire, and strive to be the best.
        • Fundamentals and ability to use shell defense.
        • Close off the paint. This is more of a statement of our character than a result. 
        • Trust your teammates and the program. Communication.
      • Accountability
        • Academics- Only the YOU can control this outcome, no one else.
        • No excuses, own up to your/team mistakes.
        • Hold yourself to a higher standard.
        • Respect the game: Coaches, players, Opponents, Refs, and Parents
      • Toughness- Ability to stay focused on what is important and the objective.
        • Mental to Physical ratio: 4 to 1- what does this mean?
        • Making mistakes, playing through mistakes, and learning from mistakes.
        • Adversity- “the path you take during a struggle”
        • How are you going to fix it? Don’t dwell on it!
        • Body Language - The best indicator of knowing if you are tough or not.