Jeffrey Avgeris

  • Photo of Trustee Avgeris wearing a blue button up shirt Jeffrey Avgeris was elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2020.  He has owned a Marketing firm in Missoula since 2018. A 17 year veteran in the Newspaper and Digital Marketing space, Jeff's passion is helping businesses grow. Avgeris grew up in southern Oregon and attended Oregon Institute of Technology, receiving a degree in Business and Marketing. Jeff is an avid Fly Fisherman and Hunter. He and his wife Sarah, a special education teacher at Chief Charlo, have 2 kids in MCPS. Avgeris can be reached via email  

Grace Decker

  • Trustee Grace Decker Grace Decker was elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2015.  She has been committed to student-centered education in Missoula for over 20 years, as an early childhood teacher, school director, and education program coordinator.  She currently works for Child Care Resources as an early childhood teacher trainer and classroom coach.  She and her husband Josh have a son who attends Lowell Elementary School. Decker can be reached via email  

Michael Gehl

  • Headshot of Michael Gehl wearing a red button up shirt and a white straw cowboy hat.Michael Gehl was appointed to the Board of Trustees in June 2021.  Mike is a former Law Enforcement Officer, serving in the Montana Highway Patrol and a Detective for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.  He works for Motor Carriers of Montana as a private consultant to the trucking industry, providing employee training and consultation services to membership regarding Federal and State regulations and employee safety.  Mike and his wife Sharon have two boys who attend Hellgate Elementary.  Mike and his family enjoy spending time with their two rottweilers, camping, golfing, and barbecuing.  In his spare time Mike is busy with woodworking in his home workshop and working on home projects.  Gehl can be reached via email at

Nancy Hobbins

  • Nancy Hobbin standing outside by trees wearing a blue button up shirt Nancy Hobbins, a K-12 trustee, was appointed to the Board of Trustees in October 2020.  Nancy Hobbins is a Senior Community Health Specialist at the Missoula City-County Health Department. She manages the Suicide Prevention program for Missoula County, is co-chair of Project Tomorrow Montana and co-chair of  MCPS's Student Wellness Council's Behavioral Health Committee. Nancy has been working in public safety and health for the past eight years, working to improve systems of support in our community. Nancy lives with her two kids who attend Hellgate High School and Rattlesnake.  Hobbins can be reached via email

Diane Lorenzen

  • Trustee Diane Lorenzen Diane Lorenzen was elected as a K-12 trustee in May 2013.  She works as an environmental engineer, specializing in air quality.  Ms. Lorenzen grew up in Missoula and graduated from Hellgate High School in 1979.  Thanks to our great Missoula teachers, she had the opportunity to attend Stanford University and study Civil Engineering.  Following college graduation, Ms. Lorenzen served two years in the Peace Corps in Nepal where she designed irrigation canals and village water supply systems.  Ms. Lorenzen and her husband have two sons and a daughter and two grandchildren.  She can be reached via email   

Vicki McDonald

  • Trustee Vicki McDonald Vicki McDonald, a K-12 trustee, was elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2016. McDonald can be reached via email

Koan Mercer

  • Head shot of Trustee Mercer wearing glasses and button up shirt Koan Mercer was elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2020.  Mercer graduated from Whitefish High School in 1995 before attending Whitman College, where he met his spouse. After working two years in Washington, D.C. he earned a law degree from the University of North Carolina in 2004. Since then he has been a public defender in Missoula, practicing first as trial attorney and for the past twelve years as an appellate attorney before the Montana Supreme Court. Both Mercer's parents graduated from Missoula County High School and then UM. His spouse teaches at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy. His son attends Lowell, where his great-grandfather once went to school. Mercer can be reached via email 

Wilena Old Person

  • Photo of Wilena Old Person wearing an a black shirt Wilena Old Person (Yakama/Blackfeet) was elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2019.  She is a graduate of the University of Montana and is the Program Coordinator for the Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) in the College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Montana.  Wilena and her husband, Jason Plain Feather, have four boys; three attending Russell Elementary and one at Sentinel High School.  She may be reached via email

Jennifer Vogel

  • Head shot of Jennifer Vogel smiling and wearing a gray sweater Jennifer Vogel was appointed to the Board of Trustees in February 2020.  She is currently a special education teacher at Potomac School.  Jen lives in Potomac with her husband and two sons who attend Hellgate High School.  She was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, and began her college education in Ohio.  She worked in special education for 7 years in Ohio before fulfilling a dream and making the "move of a lifetime" to beautiful Montana.  Jennifer holds a Masters in Theological Studies as well as a Masters in Education from Ohio universities.  She is a trustee for District D, representing Seeley Lake, Swan, Clinton, Sunset and Potomac.  She can be reached via email


Ann Wake

  • Trustee Ann Wake Before being elected to the Board of Trustees in May 2013, Wake worked for MCPS for four years, thirteen for the City of Missoula and eight years for the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges in Reno, Nevada developing Child Abuse and Neglect teaching programs and periodicals.  Wake represents the K-8 districts of Lolo, Woodman and DeSmet on the MCPS high school board.  She can be reached via email

Arlene Walker-Andrews

  • Headshot of Arlene Walker-Andrews wearing a brown shirt and standing in front of Pine treesArlene Walker-Andrews was appointed to the Board of Trustees in September 2021. Arlene is a retired administrator (Associate Provost) from the University of Montana. She obtained her doctorate in Experimental Psychology (Development) from Cornell University in 1981 and taught at Rutgers University for 22 years before moving to Missoula. Her hobbies include hiking, golf, and reading. She and her husband David Andrews live in the Target Range School District.  She can be reached at