• March

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 3/10/2021

    Upcoming Themes:

    ELA - Perspectives on Natural Resources

    Math - Dividing Decimals, Geometry

    Social Studies - The Revolutionary War

    Science - The Clark Fork Watershed


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  • What are we learning?

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 1/28/2021

    Math: Division review and then we will be going back to decimals and fractions

    Science: We are finishing our space unit and moving into Earth systems - there are always interesting and fun topics to ask about!

    English Lanuguage Arts: We will be starting to read the book George's Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking next week.  We will also be working on narrative writing.

    Social Studies: We are finishing our unit on The French and Indian War and will be pausing for a few weeks and then will come back to learn about The American Revolution in a few weeks.


    We have a new Google Classroom.  If you would like to join, the class code is 6m7kuov.

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  • January Update

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 1/13/2021

    Happy New Year!

    This January we are starting two new units: Space and the French and Indian War.

    I hope you will ask your child to teach you what they are learning about one or both of these subjects.

    As you may have heard, the board approved a plan for students to come back more regularly.  I am hoping that we have more of a timeline by early next week.  I am feeling pretty good about this change but we will be really enforcing our strategies to try to stay healthy.  You can help by making sure that your child has a mask that fits correctly and please keep them home if they are sick.


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  • Welcome to November!

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 10/30/2020
    Here's a link to our class padlet
    What are we learning in 5th grade? 
    • Language Arts: We are reading Esperanza Rising and learning about the US and Mexico in the 1930s.  We are also learning about figurative language, metaphors and similes.
    • Math: We are finishing up our division unit and moving into decimals and fractions.
    • Science: What do plants and animals need to survive.
    • Social Studies: American History 
    • Specialist: We will be starting our art classes this week.

    Parent-Teacher conferences start on Nov. 16th - look for info next week.

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  • October News

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 10/11/2020
    What are we learning in 5th grade? 
    • Language Arts: We have been reading informational texts and have been working on opinion writing.  Students are also encouraged to try a new book genre.
    • Math: Multi-digit multiplication and division.  I have been trying to send home a parent letter each week to let you know what we are learning but if you would like to know more about some of our strategies please let me know!
    • Science: Ecosystems! This week and next week we will get to spend some time by Rattlesnake creek to learn more.
    • Social Studies: American History - We started with who lived here before Europeans and now we are learning about the explorers.  We are teaching critical thinking skills by having students read articles written from different perspectives.
    • Specialist: We just finished up a unit with our school counselor and next week we will be starting keyboarding and computer skills lessons.  


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  • Sept. 14th

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 9/14/2020
    What are we learning in 5th grade? 
    • Language Arts: We will be finishing the Night of the Spadefoot Toads where we have been learning about characters, setting and plot.  We have also been learning about ecosystems.
    • Math: We have been reviewing area, perimeter and 2-digit multiplication and will be starting a unit on volume this week.  
    • Science: We have been learning about matter, atoms and molecules.  Ask your child what matter is.
    • Social Studies: We have mostly be focusing on our classroom procedures and safety measures.  Next week we will start learning about who lived in the United States before the Europeans came.  *If your family is a member of an American Indian tribe please let me know!  They might be able to choose that tribe for a project coming up.
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  • Friday wrap-up

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 9/4/2020

    We made it to the end of our first "full" week.

    I am going to try to clarify a few questions that have come up:

    1. In the Google Classroom only worry about the assignments under the homework tab.  These same things should be written in the Assignment Planner.  Please help your child to remember their assignment planner, homework folder and Night of the Spadefoot Toads book when they return next week.  
      • I am still figuring out Google Classroom and all the tricks so if it looks like your child has a late assignment right now from an in-class lesson or a previous homework just ignore for now.  I will reach out if something important is missing.
    2. If you would like extra work for your child here are a few resources:
      • xtramath.org
      • iReady (our math curricumum) has games if kids login to Clever.
      • Brainpop (also on Clever)
      • CNN10 - great for current events
    3. Open House will be happening virtually this year.  It will be in about two weeks but I will send more info next week.
    4. This morning we were discussing what school will look like over the coming months and I let the class know that we will learn more at the board meeting on Tuesday evening.  I also let me know that if they wanted to could write an email to the board to express their feelings about how school is going.  Here's the information in case you want to do this with your child   https://www.mcpsmt.org/domain/34


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  • Where to find homework

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 9/1/2020

    Since things are so different this fall there will be a lot more homework than in previous years.  Homework is extremely important because we will be using this information at school. 

    There are two ways to find homework:

    1. Google Classroom (look for the date range and heading that says homework)
      • A group code: 5foac6z
      • B group code: xxyiprn
    2. Daily Assignment Planner - students will be writing their assigments in here each day in case you don't have internet access.

    Please help your child stay on top of their work by either joining our Google Classroom or checking their planner.


    As a reminder - on remote learning days students do not need to be online at any particular time; they just need to get the homework and reading done.

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  • Outdoor learning

    Posted by Sarah Lee on 8/21/2020

    Since we will be spending so much time outside this year we will have some extra needs.  For the beginning of the year please make sure that your child has sunscreen and a jacket every day.  A hat and sunglasses are optional.

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