Room 204

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    Honors Geometry

        • Bring your completed homework, a pencil, red pen, notebook, paper (preferably graph paper), book, and a calculator to class every day. 
        • Be on time for class.  Attendance is posted every period.
        • Homework is assigned every day, and is due within the following two days unless otherwise directed by me. Correct answers from my website or from the answers posted in front of the class. Ask questions on problems you did not complete and/or understand.
        • Homework/Classwork:
          • Homework is considered “on time and complete” if students
            • Attempt every problem assigned
            • Show your solving and graphing methods when appropriate.
            • Be neat, and make corrections (including the solving methods) on the problems done incorrectly.
            • Turn homework within two days after it is assigned to earn “on time” points on the problem set. Failure to do so results in a loss of “on time” points.

    After a chapter test has been given, late homework will be accepted for half credit, at most, and will be accepted only if the homework has been completed and graded. “On time” homework points are forfeited after the test has been given. If homework is not “on time”, the entire chapter homework must be turned in the beginning of the period your chapter test is given.

    Homework Grades:

    4 points = paper completed and “on time”

    3 points = paper completed not “on time”

    2 points = paper not completed in one category and not “on time.”

    1 point = paper not completed in more than one category and not “on time.”


    • Tests
      • If you will miss a test because a school or parent related activity, you must arrange to take the test before the announced test day on your own time.
      • Test Corrections are completed on missed problems on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the top of the test. Test corrections are not available to those who have not turned in homework for the chapter prior to the test.


        • Treat every person in the room with respect and courtesy.
        • Food and drinks are permitted. Throw away your trash.
        • Use class time to work on homework.
        • You are responsible for any make-up work. Check Q to determine if homework has been turned in or graded.
    • If you miss class because of a pre-arranged absence or school related absence, you are responsible for the material covered in class. When you return to class after one of these absences, you are expected to have your homework completed, and if there is a test given the day you return, you must take the test that day. Family related absences (other than bereavement) are treated the same as school-related absences.




Last Modified on August 31, 2018